Canadian Energy Research Institute

CERI is a cost-effective alternative to other research alternatives. The Institute is an independent, registered charitable organization funded by government, industry, associations, academic supporters and by individual donations, which allows us to keep costs down and overhead expenses at a minimum.

CERI fills a void of Canadian specific energy data, critical to addressing today’s most complex issues. Too often, research on Canadian issues relies on US data.

 CERI has a comprehensive system of proprietary energy models. The models cover technology market potentials, project economics, sector market assessments and general economic effects. Our general equilibrium modelling framework produces a systems-wide analysis of the economic and environmental impacts of not just one energy system (oil, gas or electricity) but all of them at the same time. This allows for a better understanding of the interconnections between systems, and the consequences of policies dealing with one energy source might have on others.

CERI publications include:

Market specific studies
Geopolitical analyses
Quarterly market updates (crude oil, electricity and natural gas)

CERI also hosts a variety of events:

Breakfast Overview Series

CERI’s Breakfast Overview events review the findings of each study. Our host venue partners are typically academic institutes which provide the added value of networking with students and faculty over a hot breakfast. Members of the research team are available following the presentation to discuss methodology and results.

Annual Petrochemical Conference

This conference attracts high caliber delegates from around the world. Enjoy golf, networking and an unrivaled technical program.

Executive Briefings

The Institute’s network is extensive and ongoing consultation with key influencers and decision-makers ensures that CERI has its finger on the pulse of short, mid and long-term energy issues. Executive overviews are available for energy staff, clients and other stakeholders and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

CERI Webinars

For those in our network not able to join us in person at our Breakfast Overview events, our research findings are shared online. Webinars include a 30-40 minute presentation with a discussion period immediately following.

CERI exists to provide objective analysis that enriches conversations and debates around energy topics and challenges in Canada. In doing so, we provide information that enables well-founded decisions that lead to a better future for all Canadians.A donation to CERI helps to improve the quality of energy information available to Canadians. CERI research enriches conversations by providing fact-based research and analysis which serves as a legitimate, trustworthy source of information. Organizations that fund CERI value an independent source of Canadian energy information.


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