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Description of Need
Due to the pandemic, we have lost our casino for September (third quarter), revenue from events will not be generated, we anticipate that donations, sales, and memberships will be down significantly. We wish to retain our full-time staff, as they are valuable to our operations on an ongoing basis — layoffs might result in loss of their valuable knowledge of and experience with this complex organization.

Our Story – Why We Exist
The Canadian Music Centre is engaged in serving the Canadian music community at large.

We provide services to composers who wish to publish their new works, as well as musicians who wish to perform these works in concerts all over Canada. We work to maintain the legacy of Canadian concert music, ensuring the voices of our composers are enjoyed by generations to come. The CMC also works to support performances, create recordings, and provide educational programs nationwide, building future audiences for new music.

Our library of Canadian music, in the state-of-the-art Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary. is extremely comprehensive with over 24,000 scores. Performers, musicians, and the general public are welcome to peruse our collection of scores, and listen to our collection of recordings. Creating and maintaining our cultural heritage through music is our mandate, and this music was created to be heard and enjoyed by the Canadian public, so come by and take a listen!

Starting out as a new composer in Canada can be a daunting prospect. Where do you publish your scores to be performed? Who is going to promote your music to new audiences? The CMC is here to help, having assisted hundreds of composers in getting their works on the cultural map. With your compositions in our library, you can be sure the CMC will be actively promoting your materials to be performed on Canadian stages.

Our Impact – What We Do
The CMC is the conduit through which Canadian citizens have access to the ever-changing world of Canadian musical creation through performances, education, and promotion.

We work to celebrate innovation in music, seeking out fresh perspectives and championing artistic diversity. Embracing Canada’s rich cultural heritage in creative centres across the country, as well as internationally, is part of our mandate.

We have in our library thousands of scores ready to be lent out and performed, and we have knowledgeable staff to help you find any piece of music you may need. Hundreds of composers and musicians have come through our doors, and with our help have flourished in the Canadian music scene.

The record of Canadian music stays strong in our libraries, keeping the home-grown artistry alive for generations to come. Performers utilize our services to engage with new music and not only perform what is written, but develop new methods of performing these works. Creativity and innovation are paramount to music of today and the CMC stands behind the exciting new endeavors of Canadian composers by promoting their concerts and providing scores to a new generation of performing artists.

Are you neither performer nor composer? Lovers of music of all kinds are welcome to browse through our music library and enjoy what has been created. It was composed for you, after all! We have thousands of CDs and vinyl recordings for you to enjoy this Canadian musical heritage first hand.

Our Programs – How We Do It
Our libraries contain thousands of scores, and are just waiting to be perused.
Publishing, printing and binding of music: Full printing and binding services are available for all your compositional and copying needs. Publishing through the CMC ensures your music is with a trusted Canadian source that will actively promote your material to the public and performers.

Recording label and music mentorship: Often musicians need a fresh set of eyes to point them in the direction of an exciting work to be performed. We can assist in the selection of repertoire and help emerging musicians with appropriate and innovative choices. Musicians and composers ready to exhibit their work to the public can make use of our recording label, getting either digital or CD copies of their music out into the public sphere.

Licensed music for productions: Do you have a new Film or TV show being produced? We have scores that are licensed to be in production, and can assist you in adding a special Canadian musical touch to your visual media. Contact [email protected] for more information. When it comes to your music, composing or performing, start with the CMC and we will help you every step of the way!

The CMC is embarking on a new journey to bring you Canadian music straight from the source. Keep your eyes peeled for concerts that we will be hosting in the near future, featuring the best of Canadian music.

Our Requests – What You Can Do
Donations to the CMC are the lifeblood of our organization. Donate today!

With your help we maintain the legacy of Canadian concert music, ensuring that the voice of our composers is heard by audiences nationwide and beyond, for generations to come. We support local composers and musicians! With your help we can help boost the careers of so many young and emerging artists in the communities you call home, and help them get their name out internationally as proud Canadians.

Tired of the same old concerts? We promote innovation and exciting performances and recordings, and push the boundaries of what Canadian musicians are able to do. The new generation of young people need music in their lives, and education of youth is important to our mandate to inspire creativity and creation as our musicians continue to evolve artistically. Your donations help make all of this possible, and we hope to continue serving the Canadian music scene for years to come.

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