Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation

Our Mission: Educate youth, students, and the public about Geoscience, and to provide learning opportunities for our members.

Primarily, we support:

  • Youth education in Geophysics and the Earth Sciences
  • Post-secondary and continuing education of geophysicists
  • Scientific activities, academic research programs and development of geophysical applications in Earth Sciences
  • The preservation of the history of geophysical exploration
  • Public education and awareness of Geoscience

Our 2015 Highlights:

  • From 72 applications, we awarded 15 scholarships to students at eight universities across Canada;
  • The Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT) took over 40 students from eight universities to various host companies, where they learned more about operations, processing, interpretation and other elements of applied geophysics;
  • The fifth Earth Science for Society (ESfS), partnered with APEGA, CSPG and CWLS, which has many CSEG members on the organizing committee, hosted over 650 members of the public and over 1,350 junior high school students from 11 schools; and
  • Seismic in Motion for Students, run jointly with the CAGC, took more than 200 high school students to the Waiparous area to spend a day seeing all of the aspects of seismic field operations, learn about job opportunities, and hear how we minimize environmental impact.

Our Activities:

  • Giving scholarships, providing mentorship and networking opportunities, and awarding travel grants to post-secondary students for field trips, seminars and geoconventions. These activities provide valuable learning opportunities.
  • Promoting Geoscience awareness and learning in grade school students by bringing them to Earth Science for Society and Seismic in Motion for Students. See us in action at and
  • Supporting the Canadian Distinguished Lecture Tour, which takes a respected industry or academic expert on a lecture tour to many post-secondary Geoscience departments across Canada, and sometimes even in the US.
  • Attending public and university career fairs and teachers’ conventions, to provide careers information and educational resources.

The CSEG Foundation offers many Outreach and Educational programs:

  • Schools and Public Outreach offers Geoscience information and resources to students and the public at schools, career fairs and events across Canada.
  • Earth Science for Society is an annual three-day, free, outreach exhibition with exciting interactive, hands-on Geoscience activities for the public. We bring youth groups, elementary and junior high school students to the exhibition for guided tours.
  • Seismic in Motion for Students brings high school students and industry personnel to see real seismic field operations and to talk to people about their jobs.
  • The Challenge Bowl event is a fun, Geoscience knowledge competition for post-secondary students. It is held each year in Calgary and Atlantic Canada. We sponsor the Canadian winners’ attendance at the International Challenge Bowl final in the US.
  • Our University Student Outreach program provides valuable training, networking, and mentoring opportunities for post-secondary students. It also supports post-secondary Geoscience conferences, and solicits corporate support for student society membership fees.
  • Our Scholarship program awards up to $40,000 per year in scholarships to deserving Geoscience students in universities and post-secondary technical institutes across Canada.
  • Our Travel Grant and Learning Subsidy program helps CSEG members develop their professional Geoscience knowledge and skills. Students are so grateful that we give them the opportunity to enhance their learning and professional development by funding their attendance at national or international Geoscience conferences, on seminars, on field trips and courses, and by providing scholarships.
  • The national CSEG Canadian Distinguished Lecture Tour is an annual event started in 2005 where well-respected industry or academic experts visit post-secondary Geoscience departments in universities across Canada to give a talk on an interesting topic, to demonstrate some of the applications of Geophysics, and to promote networking.

Program Testimonials:

“I got to learn something new and it was a very cool experience.” – Carmen, aged 12, participant in Earth Science for Society.

“All the exhibits were interesting and I learned lots of things.” – Aaliyah, aged 12, participant in Earth Science for Society.

“The exhibit hosts were excellent with the students and the exhibits themselves were very engaging. Thank you for a great day with lots of learning!” – Grade 7 teacher participant, Earth Science for Society.

“Thank you so, so much! Our students really enjoyed their visit. You accomplished a difficult task of making science FUN!!!” – Grade 7 teacher participant, Earth Science for Society.

“Thank you for the time and effort that numerous volunteers and organizations invested in making Seismic in Motion a huge success. Our students and staff greatly appreciated learning about and experiencing the many career opportunities in the seismic industry.” – Career & Technology Studies Team, CBE, Seismic in Motion for Students program

“Without the continued support of our sponsors, students from the University of Calgary would not be provided with this amazing opportunity.” – Undergraduate Geophysics group.

“Attending the CSEG GeoConvention was a great opportunity to interact with both the academic and the industry of exploration geophysics. I am thankful for the CSEG for organizing this event and to the CSEGF for funding me to attend it.” – Amr, University of Alberta.

“I am thankful to the CSEG Foundation for their generous support to students wishing to attend these conventions.” – Felix, University of British Columbia.We invite you to be part of our team.

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Do you enjoy working with young members of the community? Earth Science for Society needs geoscience volunteers to fill over a hundred opportunities during the event. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow geoscientists within industry, help raise awareness and knowledge about Earth Science within the community, and have fun! Visit us at

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