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Description of Need

Every donation, whether large or small, is important to us and our community. Each one allows us to continue supporting the Canmore General Hospital’s areas of greatest need through purchasing new hospital equipment, supporting programs, upgrading facilities, education, and staff training – as well as supporting health care in the Bow Valley community and beyond.


Our Story – Why We Exist

Residents and visitors alike benefit from medical equipment and programs funded by your charitable donations. Your contributions to CAHCF help improve many areas of the Canmore General Hospital, including emergency suites, patient rooms, and long-term care suites. Examples of where your dollars go: Equipment that enhance emergency rooms, operating theatres, long-term care patient rooms, and caregiver areas: Defibrillators, Vital signs monitors, Fetal monitoring telemetry units, Hysterscopes, Ceiling lifts, Specialized geriatric care chairs, & Sleeper sofas. Programs and other health supports: Yoga programs for cancer patients, Programs for health education and illness prevention, Opening Minds Through Art classes, & Books for babies. Please help us continue making Canmore and the Bow Valley area a place of safety and comfort for those needing medical help and health supports. Please give to Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation (CAHCF).

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Our Impact – What We Do

What’s Your Impact?

Your generosity has touched over 75,000 people in Canmore and the Bow Valley. People at all stages of life thank you for your support.

What does your money do?

$5 million dollars have been raised by CAHCF. But how does it help, and where does it go?

Donations to the Foundation help people when they need it most. Foundation money makes a difference in emergency rooms, birthing suites, and acute care suites, and even at the bedsides of patients, where their loved ones keep watch.

This year, your money helped purchase many pieces of equipment, large and small, such as:

·         1 ultrasound machine

·         2 cardiac monitors/defibrillators

·         3 wall-mount vital sign machines

·         1 medication fridge and furniture

·         2 sleeper sofas

·         3 ceiling lifts

Social programs for patients who need them are also provided by Foundation funding. Yoga, mindfulness, and support groups for patients receiving cancer care are all supported by your donations to the Foundation.

Who gives to the Foundation?

Over 650 people have made the Foundation a contributor to community health in Canmore and Area. Since the Foundation’s beginnings, over 450 staff and 200 volunteers of Alberta Health Services have donated time and money to serving the communities of this area through the Foundation. Please join us.

Together, we are addressing key challenges that all health care jurisdictions are facing.

·         rising healthcare costs

·         increased demand

·         a growing and aging population

·         longer life expectancies

·         more complex medical care

Some of our biggest successes

These projects are big in scope and price tag.

·         A HandiBus – With 16 seats to improve quality of life

·         A refurbished suite for endoscopies – Allowing local treatment, without driving to a bigger hospital

·         A whole refurbished wing for cancer care – Funds raised in 13% of the estimated time needed, thanks to donor responsiveness

Some of our smallest successes

These are small in dollars, large in benefits.

·         Books for babies – Little gifts for little tykes and their mums

·         Phlebotomy chair – Making getting needles better

·         Opening Minds Through Art – An award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational art-making program for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders

Our Programs – How We Do It

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Programs
  • Music Therapy Program
  • Cancer Patients’ Support Programs
  • Hospital Gardens Programs
  • Opening Minds through Art (OMA)
  • P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Renovations


Our Requests – What You Can Do

‘Feels Like Home’

Thanks to you, we have raised $631,059.14 towards our $1,500,000.00 goal for the ‘Feels Like Home’ enhancement project of the Golden Eagle View Long-term Care Unit at the Canmore General Hospital. The objective is to make residents and their families feel like they are walking into a home, not a hospital – much like our own homes, an environment of calm and peace and one that invites you to stay and visit. Most importantly, you are helping Canmore build a home away from home for long-term care residents.

This year, we are asking you to support room renovations. The rejuvenation of Golden Eagle View will include renovations to each resident’s room to provide a more homelike environment. The doorways will be individualized to simulate an entrance to the “home” and the furnishings and décor will be based on the most recent research related to dementia care and support for the frail older adult. Each room will be decorated differently and there will be an emphasis on the residents having personal items to increase the feeling that this is home. Safety and comfort in the setting will be a priority. The room will be soft colours with flooring that has no contrasting features to minimize the incidence of falls. The lighting will be diffused to decrease the stimulation and promote calm. Beds and furnishings will be “home like” rather than “institutional like” with opportunity to include personal touches to foster reminiscence. Access to outside space and opportunity to wander safely will be a priority.

Carol Duncan, Site Manager for the Canmore General Hospital, is a driving force behind this project. “Living well with dementia and living safely as a frail older adult is something that is very important for us at Golden Eagle View. We are so grateful for the community support to achieve our goals for person-centered care.”

GEV Project Costs Break Down

  • 20 Rooms (23 beds) at $15,000.00 each $300,000.00

Fundraising Status: Ask Letter and Ongoing Community Donations + Crossway Community Thrift Store (2R) + Ladies Auxiliary (2R) + Origin & Spring Creek (1R) + Basecamp (1R)

  • Town Square/Hallways/Front Entrance $250,000.00

Fundraising Status: Foundation Golf Tournament and Ongoing Community Donations

  • Sunroom Lounge
    – Fireplace
    – Furniture
    – Television
    – Art work $700,000.00

Fundraising Status: No Commitments Made Yet

  • Salon Room/Office $30,000.00

Fundraising Status: Complete via Foundation Ask Letter

  • Dining Room

Fundraising Status: $40,000.00 Complete via Major Donor

  • Dining Room Furniture $250,000.00

Fundraising Status: Complete via Foundation Ask Letter

Don Garen, husband of one of the long-term residents at Golden Eagle View, shares: “As a daily visitor to the Long-Term Care Unit, I can visualize the improvements this project will make to the day-to-day living of the residents. . . . The new plan will also bring a more homey feel to the place, while maintaining the necessary functionality. If the whole project goes forward as hoped, there will be more shared spaces for residents and their visitors to spend time outside their rooms. The renovations and new elements will bring positive changes making a real difference to the lives of residents and visiting family members alike.”

225 residents have called GEV home since May 26, 1999.

We want our residents and families to feel like they are walking into a home, not a hospital.

You are the critical part of the impact we’ve made – and must sustain, grow.

Please consider making a gift to the ‘Feels Like Home’ GEV enhancement project. Help us build a home away from home for our long-term residents.

My sincerest wishes for your health and happiness during this holiday season.


Soulafa Al-Abbasi
Executive Director, Canmore & Area Health Care Foundation (CAHCF)
[email protected]
1 (403) 678-4358
Supporting the present. Building the future. Creating a legacy for a healthy community.

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