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CAUSE Canada has a large amount of funding provided by events, small businesses and individual donors. This past week our largest fundraiser of the year was cancelled and, at the same time, a key small business hurt by the outbreak needed to delay their annual commitment. These combined funding losses are now impacting CAUSE Canada’s operating budget. At the same time, as an organization providing basic health and education to extremely impoverished, vulnerable populations in Central America and West Africa, where the health systems are incredibly frail or almost non-existent, the need to provide prevention and response to COVID-19 is in very high. Funds donated will be used to provide support to prevent and respond to COVID-19.


Our Story – Why We Exist

CAUSE Canada is a Christian motivated international relief and development organization that strives to empower communities and individuals in disadvantaged regions to overcome poverty.

We provide sustainable, integrated community development in rural West Africa and Central America through authentic, collaborative, long-term relationships. We believe that every person has right to be valued and treated with dignity.

CAUSE Canada implements responsive, integrated community development programs in geographical regions where there is an under representation of international aid organizations. In doing this we aim to:

  • Target the most vulnerable and marginalized people as being the primary beneficiaries of CAUSE Canada’s assistance and to encourage them to take full ownership of the projects that benefit them.
  • Make long term commitments to communities in rural areas of the developing world as a means of redressing the challenge of urbanization.
  • Emphasize environmental stewardship, rejuvenation and justice because a healthy environment is the cornerstone for building just and sustainable societies.


Our Impact – What We Do

In 1993, the organization began providing maternal, newborn, and child health support. This area of programming has also grown and CAUSE Canada is now working in more than 140 communities to help decrease the maternal and infant mortality in rural, marginalized communities in Guatemala and Honduras.

CAUSE Canada has continued to grow, adding the CAUSE Kids Sponsorship Program in 2006. In 2017, CAUSE Canada’s education programs served over 17,000 children.

CAUSE Canada also responds to emergency situations when its expertise and knowledge of the disaster-hit region is needed. These relief efforts have included Hurricane Mitch (Honduras, 1998), Hurricane Stan (Guatemala, 2005), and the Ebola outbreak (Sierra Leone, 2014).

The CAUSE Canada journey has been exciting, and at times challenging, however helping people living extreme poverty to realize that their lives matter is the heartbeat of CAUSE Canada.

Our Programs – How We Do It

In Guatemala, our programs include:

  • Microfinance: business loans and training
  • Maternal Newborn Child Health
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Agriculture and Nutrition

In Honduras, our programs include:

  • Microfinance: business loans and training
  • Maternal Newborn Child Health

In Sierra Leone, our programs include:

  • CAUSE Kids
  • Teacher Support
  • Integrated Learning Centre – Computers & Mobile Library
  • School Feeding Program
  • School Food Gardens
  • Peer Literacy Program
  • CAUSE Bursary Program
  • Microfinance: business loans and training
  • Programs for the disabled
  • Birthing Huts


Our Requests – What You Can Do

Only with partners like you, is CAUSE Canada able to work with people living in extreme poverty. Help us address the unpredictability that affects the lives of people in the developing world so that they can one day rise out of extreme poverty.

Sponsor a Child

A monthly contribution provides meals, uniforms, supplies and support to children in extreme poverty and remote areas.

Donate your Time or Money

Every donation goes a long way. Your contribution will make a difference!

Attend an Event

Our annual events provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals in the community!

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