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Over the last week the demand for services that The Children’s Link offers has continued to increase and our staff and families have had to adapt to connecting remotely for support to ensure that all are safe and following government recommended protocols to reduce risk. We are working diligently to provide online chats for families and require additional staff time to do this. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic we expect our projected fundraising dollars to significantly decrease in the next 6 months.

The wait-list for those needing assistance from Children’s Link are long and growing, in part because government waitlists for families with special needs children are at an all-time high. Children’s Link receives numerous referrals from government so that families can find the real and immediate help they need. Your donation will;

Help us respond to more families in crisis. Each week we see a growing numbers of families reaching out to us for help. Their issues are becoming more complex, layered in health, funding, language, social challenges, and more.
Develop a robust “Crisis Fund.” Considered a true emergency fund, these are the reserves that we turn to when a family is in dire need. It’s often the link that brings a family from desperation to a place of hope and connection. It provides short-term emergency support for people experiencing financial hardship due to a sudden, severe, overwhelming, or unexpected event that is beyond their control. It helps them to re-establish physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Enhance our online resource database and online live chat functionality. With over 1,000 community resources and growing quickly, this is an online resource with real potential and real impact. We do not have the funds required to add search functionality  which is a key feature required to make it user-friendly and accessible, enabling families to benefit immediately.

Thank you for helping us support families. Healthy families= healthy communities

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