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CKUA Radio Foundation

Music has incredible power.
It moves us. It connects us. It enriches us.
Hearing diverse music and voices helps us appreciate our similarities and differences and promotes tolerance and inclusivity.
You can help unleash the connecting power of music to Alberta and the world.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a piece of music? Did that song make you feel something – delight, sorrow, joy, wonder?

Music is an important part of human expression and communication. It gives voice to the many stages and transitions in our lives. It jogs our memories and moves our feet.

Through music and culture, we find connection: to ourselves and to others in our community.

For 90 years, CKUA Radio Foundation has been discovering and sharing music (and the stories behind the music) with Albertans and a global audience. Through a diverse cultural broadcast, live events and partnerships, people in our community find connection – to artists and to other people who share in musical discovery and enjoyment.

It’s not just about listening to good musical programming; it’s about what happens to our community when we tune into something together.

Please join CKUA Radio Foundation in our mission to share stories and music and to build a stronger, more connected community.


Our Impact

What We Do

As Canada’s oldest public broadcaster, CKUA Radio Foundation has played an important role in our local arts and cultural scene.

With a focus on local arts and artists, CKUA introduces audiences to a variety of voices and musical experiences.

Local charities and organizations receive valuable promotion for their events and work. We broadcast their good work to wide audiences here in Alberta, across Canada and around the world.

Through our Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio, over 100 musical artists were featured in live interviews and performances in 2017 alone. Community partners, like the Calgary Folk Fest, notice a marked uptick in their ticket sales following a feature on CKUA.



Our Programs

How We Do It

Through our public broadcast, we provide 31 different programs spanning several genres: classical, world, indie-rock, blues, jazz and spoken word. We promote non-mainstream artists in a public broadcasting format.

This diversity of music and voices is a reflection of the diversity in our communities. We expand Albertans’ understanding and appreciation of music and culture.

Each week, 250,000 listeners tune into CKUA through our online stream or the 16 FM transmitters around Alberta. We connect energy workers in northern Alberta with ranchers in southern Alberta; or corporate urbanites to expats living abroad.

Alberta’s donor-powered broadcast reaches people in their homes, cars, work and schools.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

CKUA Radio is donor-powered.

We rely on the community to fund our daily broadcasts as well as invest in special projects. Two-thirds of our operations are funded by community donations. We are grateful for gifts of any amount to support our core mission, ongoing programs and broadcast. Since our founding in 1927, CKUA has fostered an eco-system for music, arts and culture with an Alberta frame of reference. The projects below will contribute to our continuing success.

Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio Upgrades and Equipment: Estimated budget $25,000

In 2016, CKUA, in partnership with The National Music Centre, opened a studio in downtown Calgary. After 2 years, we have expanded our programming and presence in Calgary – there is now over 30 hours of programming each week from the Calgary studio. Our Calgary hosts are quickly becoming known and loved in the Alberta music community. The Calgary Studio is in need of sound dampening, light filtering, studio lighting, furniture and dedicated equipment for visiting musicians. The equipment improvements will allow us to record live interviews and performances from the studio to be shared with our on-line audiences, therefore fulfilling our vision to be the hub for music, arts and culture in Alberta.

Live Broadcast Kit:  Estimated Budget $15,000

Our mission is to inspire and connect people through the power of music, arts and culture. To do this CKUA is increasingly attending community events to broadcast live on location. CKUA facilitated a number of live interviews and performances throughout 2018 such as the Lethbridge Jazz Festival and the Canmore Folk Festival. We also partnered with the Government of Alberta to organize and produce an outdoor, summer lunchtime concert series at Calgary’s McDougall Centre. We have hosted more than 100 live musical performances throughout southern Alberta since 2016. Currently, we rent or borrow additional technical equipment, or incur mileage/delivery costs to bring Edmonton equipment to the Calgary studio. Having a complete broadcast kit (speakers, mics, stands, mixer, etc.) available locally will save money and allow us to meet the growing demand for on-location broadcasts with community partners.

Transmitter and Digital Upgrades: Estimated budget $700,000.

As Alberta’s only province-wide broadcaster, CKUA has worked tirelessly since 1927 to showcase our province’s music, arts and culture with programming 24 hours each day. We are also proud of the way that CKUA literally covers the province: CKUA’s FM transmitter network serves 250,000 households weekly, through 16 transmitter sites and over 350 communities throughout Alberta. This enables CKUA radio network to make the music, arts and culture connection available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or to travel.
Today we are at a crossroads. We must upgrade our technology, our digital offering and our public spaces to continue serving Albertans in a changing modern media context. For CKUA to honour its long-standing donors and listeners, this means maintaining a robust, trouble-free FM transmission system. At the same time to maintain our growing non-radio listening audience, CKUA must enhance our existing digital technologies and channels to outfit a Digital Programming Department.
Investments in CKUA’s technical infrastructure will ensure that our listening community will continue to have access to music, arts and cultural programming with an Alberta owned, operated and run organization.

Thank you for enriching and connecting our community through the power of music, arts and culture.


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Linda Johnson

Community Connections Officer


Charitable Number: 118776830RR0001

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