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Connect Charter School’s mandate is to provide research-informed, innovative educational programs that prepare our students for a future where ethical citizenship, community building, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving will be essential elements of their success. We accomplish this by designing engaging and authentic learning experiences, including learner needs and competencies in order to develop our students as engaged thinkers.

Connect Charter School also fosters exemplary learning through a variety of assessment strategies designed to provide meaningful, ongoing and timely feedback to students and parents. We embrace the diversity, interests and needs of our students. We are strongly committed to developing confidence, ensuring that every student achieves success in keeping with Connect Charter School goals and guiding principles.

Our guiding principles make up the following:

  1. Promote exemplary learning, teaching, and leading through a disposition of inquiry.
  2. Engage students in meaningful real-life learning activities in rich learning environments.
  3. Enhance learning and teaching through the effective & appropriate use of technology.
  4. Provide environmental, outdoor, and global education learning opportunities.
  5. Foster a culture of collaboration and caring relationships of mutual respect.
  6. Nurture thriving learning environments of active research.

We use inquiry as a signature pedagogy; our teachers design learning and our students acquire knowledge, skills, and attributes using a range of instructional practices that promote learning through student-driven and instructor guided investigations. Active engagement with inquiry-based learning provides teaching and learning practices that support 21st Century learners. Through intentional, authentic, and innovative use of technology we create mediated learning environments in which students are able  to enhance and deepen their understanding of the world and their role as active contributors to the community. Place based and outdoor education, in addition to teaching valuable skills, further advances our vision of developing our students as extraordinary citizens.

Our Partners in Place initiative is an example of the ways we are developing our own understanding of place through rich learning between and with two communities, while building a bridge to reconciliation (Tsuut’ina First Nation and the Connect Charter School community).Our work is made possible with the support of our community, particularly our volunteers who support our teachers in bringing meaningful learning opportunities to life. Volunteers bring a parent voice through School Council, support students in classrooms, support field trips, and much more. Our volunteer group is made up of parents, disciplinary experts, and other community members.

Our work is guided by our Board of Directors, who are made up parent and community members working together to support our governance and overall operations in accordance with our charter.

Our core work is funded by Alberta Education. Extension and enrichment of our experiential and place based education programs are made possible through parent fundraising initiatives and community grants.

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