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1. Equipment:
Dulcina Hospice is a 26-bed residential hospice located within St. Marguerite Manor in Northwest Calgary, where an interdisciplinary team provides compassionate, end-of-life care in collaboration with the resident and his or her family.
Dulcina Manor requires two Bariatric Comfort Care Beds and accompanying Lift Equipment.
The beds can be used among two different types of patients:
– The bariatric patient: For bariatric patients, there has been a sharp increase in patients with bariatric comorbidities being admitted into care all across Alberta. The specialized beds can accommodate patients up to 500lbs.
– Palliative care / end-of-life patients: The beds are used when one patient is palliative and his or her husband or wife wants to continue to sleep with them for compassionate comfort.
Each year, sites like Dulcina Manor are admitting more and more residents requiring Bariatric Comfort Care Beds, which currently have to be rented. These beds are in such high demand among all sites in Calgary that it often means that no beds are available. With no beds available, Dulcina Manor is forced to delay admissions for days to weeks which drives people into Acute Care, using valuable resources there and tying up much needed beds in Hospitals. Having these beds permanently available, along with the ceiling lifts, would allow us to care for residents more safely. The specialized equipment has built-in features that reduce skin ulcers and other adverse conditions and increases safety for both resident and staff and importantly, maintains the patients dignity and independence as much as possible. These are key areas we aim to address in hospice care and the benefits extend to their family members by virtue of seeing that dignity and independence maintained.
Bariatric Comfort Care Beds and equipment will also provide more holistic care to families utilizing the Dulcina Manor facility for end-of-life care. The option to stay in the same bed as a loved one during their final weeks of life is paramount to providing an end-of-life experience that is filled with dignity, respect and compassion.

2. Memory Care Project:
Holy Cross Manor is located in Calgary, and meets the various and changing needs of residents. The centre features a home-like design and ensures a safe environment while promoting independence. At Holy Cross Manor, supportive living means providing those supports that help to maintain its residents’ independence, health and well-being. Physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its residents are met while respecting their privacy and lifestyle choices.
The Memory Care Project will improve the living experience for those living with dementia in our secure memory care floors by creating purpose built living areas, specific to the needs of our memory care residents. This project will include improvements in visual cues for activities of daily living such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, dining areas, as well as enhance the visual appeal of the living space. The project is based on research related to cognitive decline in older adults and the need for environmental cues to trigger memories, help with motor planning, stimulate discussion and reminiscing, and appropriate social behavior.

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