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Opportunity – The DSAA provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the rehabilitative benefits of sailing and engaging with the sailing community in Alberta.

Accessibility– The DSAA provides and maintains a fleet of accessible boats with power assisted equipment to remove any limitations.

Independence – Our focus is the growth and well-being of the individual to experience the therapeutic benefits of sailing.1.Community Membership Sails: The DSAA provides sailing opportunities to agencies serving children and adults with disabilities, allowing these groups to introduce their members to sailing and the therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects associated with leaving their disability on the dock.

2. Independent Sails: The DSAA offers our members with the opportunity to sail independently on the Glenmore Reservoir in any of our accessible sailboats: Martin16s, Sonars, or Access Dinghies. Sailing is unique in that it allows our members the chance to leave their disability at the dock, and experience independence and freedom in a way that would otherwise not be available. While learning to sail or for a therapeutic and rehabilitative outing where the member is not able to sail on their own, DSAA provides independent sailing with a qualified volunteer sailing companion.

3. Group/Corporate Sails: The DSAA provides a limited number of opportunities to families and organizations to book a sail in a safe environment to promote family outings, team building, or rewarding outstanding performance in the workplace. The proceeds from this are used to fund/support operations for special needs individuals.We are always to happy to welcome volunteers to assist with boat operations, fund raising, helping with events, and being sailing companions (qualified sailors) to take special needs persons sailing.

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