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The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary develops and offers meaningful programs for marginalized populations, including women and youth, that face systemic criminalization. With over 50 years of experience, the organization has acquired the knowledge to address the barriers that these individuals face as a result of poverty and involvement with the justice and legal systems, and provide them the opportunity for a more hopeful future.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary offers pathways to healing, through supports and advocacy, for women and marginalized populations who are affected by systemic social issues which contribute to their criminalization.


Creating community that supports transformation and pathways to healing.


Integrity – Consistency and truthfulness in action

Ingenuity – Flexibility and adaptability in providing value-added services within an ever-changing social framework

Advocacy – Foster an environment of courage and empowerment for all those who interact with the agency

Dignity & Respect – regard all as worthy, honored and valued

Cultural Integrity – cultural safety and humility within an ethical space; respecting ways of knowing and connection to the land

2018 Program Highlights: Soon to be updatedCalgary and Regional Court Programs:

  • Court Support is provided to adults and youth (both male and female) regarding legal information on plea options, processes and referrals for first and second appearances.
  • Assist individuals with referrals and resources to legal and community resources.
  • We provide support at the following courts:
    • Regional Courts in Airdrie, Canmore, Cochrane, Didsbury and Okotoks
    • ​Youth (Calgary and Regional Court Locations)
    • ​Case Management Office CMO/Adult Criminal Court (Calgary and Regional Court Locations)
    • ​Domestic Violence Court (Calgary)
    • ​Traffic & Bylaw Courts (Calgary, Okotoks, and Airdrie)

Calgary and Regional Advocacy Program:

  • Fills the gaps for those who cannot afford legal representation and are ineligible for subsidized or community legal options.
  • Women are supported with individualized assistance regarding their legal issues that may require further supports with processes, legal documents, advocacy, and direct legal referrals.
  • Support for women seeking support around Records Suspension (Pardons).

Prison Community Outreach Program:

  • Incarceration:  Women are provided with support to manage incarceration constructively and assistance in their release planning.
  • Community and Outreach: Assists women in intensified case management supports to address core issues, and increasing opportunity for stabilization.
  • Group programming Unlocking New Levels of Capability and Knowledge (U.N.L.O.C.K function skills program) is provided in the Calgary Remand Centre and community.
  • Case Managers assist women with systems navigation and short term support that requires intensified case management supports.

Indigenous Cultural Supports:

  • Engages Indigenous women in case management supports, programs, and ceremonies designed to increase their cultural identity, address intergenerational trauma, and encourage healing and wellness.
  • Women are supported by:
    • Talking Circles and Elder Supports
    • Access to Indigenous Ceremonies
    • Moccasin Making and other activities
    • Blackfoot Literacy Classes

SAGE:  Emotional Wellness and Employment Readiness Program: 

  • Program is 12 weeks in length, and provides a cultural foundation that supports women through interactive and experiential learning, expressive writing, and photography
  • Women are supported with emotional wellness, Indigenous cultural connection and supports, functional life skills, and preparation and planning towards the next steps of their healing.
  • Program provides the necessary skills to build consistency, commitment, and learn to manage relationships and conflict.

Youth Legal Information and Mentorship Program:

  • Provides support to youth engaged in the justice system to assist with understanding and navigating the expectations of their orders.
  • Program assists all youth with a special focus on Indigenous and immigrant youth who are engaged in high-risk lifestyles and are vulnerable due to a lack of natural and professional resources.
  • Supports parents who require assistance in improving family situations to decrease risks associated with their child’s criminalization and choices.
  • Peer mentorship is available to high-risk youth involved in the criminal justice system or at risk of involvement and require additional supports to be successful.

Immigrants Legal Advocacy Program: 

  • Program provides support to women and their families who are at risk of being separated or are trying to reunify their families.
  • Assist with legal information, understanding and filling in legal documents and applications, navigating filing processes, and providing appropriate resources.

Access to Affordable Housing:

  • Work in partnership with Calgary community agencies to provide safe, affordable housing for women and their children.

Volunteer Program: 

Elizabeth Fry volunteers provide an essential support to the agency through their assistance in the court and legal information programs.  Other opportunities are available to contribute to the agency’s special programs and events. Volunteers benefit from the experiences of working within a justice environment and contributing to the welling being of women.

 Time – Talent – Treasure

As a community, we can combine these gifts to make an even greater impact in making a real difference in the lives of the women and youth who need your support in transforming their lives.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary offers an intensive volunteer program and rewarding experience for volunteers interested in a career in justice, law or social work, or for those individuals looking for a meaningful way to give back to the community. We look for individuals who are 18 years and older, passionate, open-minded, non-judgemental and willing to join an energetic team!

To view the Volunteer opportunities, click HERE.


Everyone has a special gift that can be shared with the women and youth we work with. Your talent will empower the individuals and transform their lives as they are on their pathway to healing.

To become a Court Volunteer click HERE to apply. If you have particular questions about this program contact our Court Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

For all other volunteer position and the Mentorship Program contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]

Volunteering with EFry has shown me that giving back to the community can be very easy… I encourage people looking to volunteer to find topics that they truly care about, and just go for them. Your contributions and skills will always be put to good use by people and organizations in need.” –  Volunteer, Melissa Chow.


Your financial donations contribute to the overall capacity of the agency in providing ongoing programming, and enhance client support. When you make a donation, you are showing the women, their families, and the youth we work with, that they matter and they deserve another chance to plan, build and maintain their well-being.

Additionally new in-kind donations of the following are always appreciated:

  • womens underwear
  • sports bras
  • socks
  • plain one color women’s t-shirts with not designs
  • yoga or jogging pants

To view the full Wish List, click HERE.

“Out of all the resources out there I know Elizabeth Fry helped me the most. Elizabeth Fry covers so many areas of a woman’s life, from housing, education, financial, legal and personal needs. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.” – EFry client





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