Excel Family and Youth Society

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • immigrant newcomers
  • women

we need help with:

  • domestic violence
  • education
  • food security
  • literacy
  • mental health
black led

According to statistics Canada findings the number of East African black immigrants is growing by over 200% annually in Calgary. However, resources and an effective means of integrating these families into their new lives and country is lacking; therefore 40% of black youth live in low-income families. To reduce the poverty level in our black community we brought together black professionals, community associations, and faith-based organizations in one medium. To fight against poverty, discrimination, and unemployment.

We provide culturally Sensitive Family Support – We focus on building stable and healthy family relationships through the provisioning of mentoring programs, workshops & seminars for parents, children, and youth in areas such as anger management, conflict resolution and effective communication and crime prevention. Additionally, we provide workshops and outreach programs to those affected by family violence. This service is offered on-demand virtually and in person, where possible; 148 Families were impacted by our services in 2021.

– Youth Programming – Statistics Canada shows 40% of children in black families live in poverty. Through our “Emerging Youth Leaders” virtual and face to face program, we provide a 12-week seminar-based program targeted towards youth and young adults between the ages of 12-25 years old. This program focuses on educating and empowering the target group by covering topics such as handling racism, substance use/abuse, crime prevention, effective personal financial management, emotional intelligence, how to prepare for higher education, understanding how to leverage new and emerging technologies, Coding, emotional intelligence, and assistance in developing and charting successful career pathways.; 55 youths graduated from our program in 2023.– Newcomer support – Through our newcomer support efforts, we provide education, mentorship, and support services designed to help understand and ease the process of settling in Canada. Our newcomer support includes services such as language instruction, translation services, job search assistance, mentorship and information pertaining to Canadian culture and institutions. These services are delivered quarterly, including annual job fairs. Our job fair 2023 created a better job opportunity for 46 unemployed blacks

– Basic Computer Skills Training for low-income earners – Our basic computer skills program is a free, 12-week program that provides participants with progressive training on computer skills such as keyboarding, emails usage, word processing and other general internet usages needed to navigate a digital economy. Our basic computer program started in 2015 and helped over 550 newcomers, most of which never had the access or opportunity to learn how to use computers and/or the internet. The program is a critical component in helping newcomers gain employment by using online job search tools.

– Financial Empowerment Series – EFYS provides workshops on the Canadian financial system including topics such as personal finance and debt management, credit usage, savings for child education and retirement, and insurance needs. The financial webinar was presented online on Excel TV every 3 months. EFYS provided direct relief to community members in need through the provisioning of gift cards from various grocery stores to low-income Families.

– We also have a job network initiative where we connect those looking for employment to have an opportunity to tap into our network of black professionals who can facilitate connections.

Your financial support make a huge difference to make our community members more productive, well integrated and proud Canadians.

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