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Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta (FRFA) is a registered charity based in Calgary, Alberta that provides rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and sanctuary for cats living on city streets and in rural areas. We are a NO-KILL organization.

Feral, abused, abandoned or lost, we believe that these cats all deserve to be safe, loved, and cared for. Many of the cats that come to FRFA are deemed difficult, with some considered ‘unredeemable’. Experience has taught us that is not the case. A cat that has never known anything but hardship, neglect, and abuse can hardly be expected to respond kindly – but patience, kindness and respect can work miracles. Often the most extraordinarily loving cats are hiding behind these facades.

FRFA is committed to providing for the homeless cat population least likely to be rescued from the streets and rural areas. Adult ferals and severely abused cats can be both challenging and time consuming to rehabilitate. Feral kittens of a shyer nature require additional time and reassurance to evolve into social companions. Over the years we have come to know they all respond to kindness. Given the opportunity, they will offer devoted friendship to those that gain their trust and confidence.

All FRFA cats and kittens are vaccinated, neutered/spayed, microchipped, tattooed and dewormed. The ill and injured receive the necessary veterinary care to make them well. 
Sanctuary is provided for those unlikely to be adopted.

FRFA believes that spay/neuter is the most effective and humane way to prevent animal suffering.  Critical cat overpopulation is the greatest contributing factor to cat homelessness. The current difficult economic situation has resulted in a great increase in the number of cats being abandoned. The vast majority of abandoned cats are not spayed or neutered. Cats are a highly prolific species, (able to reproduce at 5 months, with gestation of 69 days, allowing multiple litters per year). Consequently, feral cat colonies expand rapidly. Street cats suffer lives of great hardship. Every day is a struggle to find food and water, shelter from the elements, illness or injury usually results in their death. As colonies grow, so does the hostility towards them by people who regard them as nuisance, often resulting in abuse. Every spay/neuter has a great impact on the future homeless cat population. Consequently, we 
provide free spay/neuter assistance to low income pet owners and caregivers for feral colonies.

We are receiving more requests from disadvantaged individuals (or those in crisis) for emergency veterinary care for their cats. We try negotiating appropriate and affordable veterinary services and fees with a clinic, but often have covered the cost of care because of the urgent nature of a life-threatening health issue.

Over the last two years we have been called upon to better the explosive cat population problem in Sundre. Late this summer we rescued 19 cats and kittens from one rural property. A prior  Sundre situation resulted in the rescue of 56 cats and kittens. Sundre has virtually no resources to deal with these situations.  These are dreadful situations. Without rescue the cat colonies would continue to expand exponentially, resulting in great animal suffering.  Cats are a highly prolific species. At 5 months of age they are capable of reproducing. Gestation is a mere 69 days, allowing for multiple litters a year. An average litter produces 4-5 kittens. The vast majority of homeless cats are not altered. Rescue prevents the rapid establishment of a feral colony. Over the years we have significantly impacted the feral population in communities as a result of our rescue work and support to feral caregivers.There is a continued need for assistance in Sundre.

We have accepted difficult cats from CAS, to provide them with the necessary rehabilitation to achieve adoptable status.

We provide for difficult street cats that other rescues are reluctant to accept.

FRFA’s efforts, serve the cats and kittens that would otherwise ‘fall through the cracks”.

Rescue:  We are a feline focused rescue providing for abandoned, abused and feral cats and kittens.

Veterinary Care: We provide each cat with the medical care they require for their health and wellness as we would give our own cats. This includes, but is not limited to, addressing illness, injuries, chronic health issues. All cats and kittens are vetted, vaccinated, dewormed, receive spay/neuter surgeries, ID tattoos and microchips.

Rehabilitation and Socialization: We work with cats who have had negative or little experiences with people so they can lower their guard and form trusting relationships. Because every cat is different we don’t put time limits on their healing and socialization process. Given the time, love and understanding to allow their true personalities to shine through, most of the cats become wonderful additions to any family.

Re-homing: We screen potential adopters to match personalities and environments with our rescued cats and kittens once they are ready to find their forever homes.

Sanctuary: We provide lifetime sanctuary for cats unlikely adopted due to reasons such as age, medical issues or behavioral situations.

Assistance: We offer free spay/neuter assistance and other emergency medical care to low-income pet owners and caregivers for feral colonies.

At FRFA we have many needs.

Become a “Sponsor Parent” for a Sanctuary Cat. Your monthly contribution helps to provide for their ongoing comfort and care.

Become a scheduled monthly supporter. It keeps a roof over their head and food in their bowls.

Spearhead a fundraising event. The cost of veterinary care has risen significantly.

Donations of the following are greatly appreciated:

  • Food:
    • Canned: grain-free, mainly poultry (eg. Kasiks, Wellness)
    • Dry: grain-free, mainly poultry (eg. EVO, Acana, Orijen)
  • Cat toys (new)
  • Sample carpet mats-(new)
  • Food and water bowls-ceramic or stainless steel (new)
  • Cat carriers
  • Kennels (48L x 30 W x 33H)
  • Large cat tree/scratching post (new)
  • Laminator


  • Do you have sewing skills? We’d love to hear from you!
  • Shelter care & cleaning to keep the cats’ environment clean. Comes with feline supervision.
  • Fostering is critical in our efforts to help more cats. We can work with you to determine the best type of fostering for your situation.
  • Driving cats to and from appointments.
  • Doing laundry in your home with a week’s turnaround.
  • Event hosts.

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