Foothills Search and Rescue

Our Goal: Leadership in Search Excellence

Foothills Search and Rescue (also known as Foothills SAR, or simply FSAR) was formed in 1993 to provide the region with a group of volunteers trained in ground SAR. Foothills SAR now has approximately 54 members drawn from various surrounding communities and is based in Turner Valley, a town about 40 kilometres south-west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Foothills Search and Rescue Society is the primary SAR group to the south and west of Calgary, although we have been tasked throughout Southern Alberta and will respond when called. On larger searches, SAR groups from the surrounding areas will assist FSAR, just as FSAR regularly assists these other groups. Standardized training and regular joint training exercises ensure that teams from all parts of Alberta work together without difficulty.Search Management representatives from the RCMP, Calgary City Police and Kananaskis Country have encouraged and guided us from the beginning and continue to act as advisors and active members of Foothills Search and Rescue (FSAR). Immediately upon our conception the Society was called to participate in searches. Since 1993 the Society has been involved in several successful searches. Extensive training continues year round and includes elaborate search simulations.  We meet once a month as a group and training is offered once a month as a team.  The individual ‘strike’ teams we have also practice on a regular basis.  This includes trackers, an equine and rope team.

We are tasked by the RCMP to help find lost/missing or despondent people.  This can include anyone from children wandering away to a dementia patient who can’t find home.  We strive to be that peace of mind when your loved one is missing in helping search for them.

 Keeping a group of volunteers that is tasked by the RCMP at operational level takes some doing.  We require a constant influx of funds for operations.  Basic operations cost $40 000 per year.  This does not include extras for radios, equine equipment or any equipment that may need replacing.  We fund-raise on a regular basis for that.  Having donors to help spread this expense throughout the region is very helpful and necessary for our continued success.


With support from local communities we expect to maintain our effectiveness in emergency situations with the acquisition and maintenance of necessary equipment, ongoing training and continued growth.

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