Fort Calgary Preservation Society

Core Services:

1. Gathering our community – We are a welcoming place where all peoples can come together, learn, and build relationships.

2. Learning our past – We seek to encounter the past honestly and to gain an understanding of history through many perspectives. We are learners, and we seek to share our learning with others.

3. Stewarding our resources – We are the caretakers of this place. We work in a civic and museum environment to preserve and protect the stories, the lands, the historic buildings, the artefacts, and the belongings entrusted to us for the public good.

 As stewards of this National Historic Site, we care for the histories of all peoples in relation to the long history of this place.
We are dedicated to cultural preservation, learning, and dialogue about history. We seek to build community today, with a view to promoting a more connected future.

Programming is the foundation from which our vision and mission evolve; through programs we have impact. Our strategy is this:
• Programs: We focus first on our programs and content.
• People: We support our people.
• Place: We draw on the strength of our programs and our people to create a place where all can thrive. This will be further realized in a new museum building.
• Preservation: We are a museum, and we will preserve the collections, histories, stories, intangible heritage, and lands that support our vision and programming. We will support others who are also doing this work.
• Policy and Governance: We will develop the policy and governance structure to support our work for generations to come. With full participation of our Board, we will facilitate the resource development necessary to implement the strategy.

 History has shaped our present and will impact our future.

Help us preserve and share our stories so generations to come can understand who we are and where we come from. Your support enables Fort Calgary to create a gathering place where our community can learn about our complex origins, share their stories and assemble for years to come.

Your donation helps us:

  • Create engaging programs and experiences to learn more about the origins of Calgary.
  • Increase the awareness of the importance of this place as a cultural and historic gathering place.
  • Ensure Fort Calgary is enjoyed for generations to come.


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