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FWE’s programs and events are designed to empower women entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and challenges that women face in today’s economy. We provide real world education and 1:1 Mentorship to ensure a deep and meaningful impact on women entrepreneurs and their businesses. FWE recently completed its E-Series West program attended by 61 women who represented a variety of industries including technology, food and beverage, health and wellness and media, from 30 communities from across Canada. Their businesses represented $12 million cumulative revenue from 2018 and have a projected revenue of $26 million for 2019. Nearly 300 people are employed by the 61 participants, representing meaningful work in communities large and small.

Outcomes show that women who complete our programs are three times more likely than the national average to be in business past Year Five. They create an average of 10 jobs within the first three years of graduating from the E-Series program alone.  And on average, FWE alumnae experience an annualized revenue increase of 25%. FWE supports 650 women entrepreneurs annually, and we have a radical plan for growth to increase this number to 5,000.Since 2002, FWE has offered both the E-Series and Mentor Programs, and three years ago launched Pitch for the Purse, which combines education on pitching for investment and a pitch contest.  For entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level, Entrepreneur Series (E-Series) is an impactful 3-days of education designed by entrepreneurs, led by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, followed by 12 months of 1:1 mentorship.

Mentees in FWE’s Mentor Program enjoy a 1:1 relationship with a strategically-paired mentor equipped with the strengths to help make their business goals a reality.  Mentors in the FWE Mentor Program are leaders and influencers who leverage their skills, experience and insight to help a local female entrepreneur.

FWE has designed Pitch for the Purse to address a key concern facing women entrepreneurs: access to capital. The program is divided into four sections designed to educate and mentor every step of the way: Pitch Training, Semi-Finals, Mentorship + Pitch Finale.

FWE consistently works on perfecting program delivery and measuring impact.  This investment over time has ensured that every one of our programs can help any woman entrepreneur anywhere in the country.An investment in FWE is an investment in Canadian women entrepreneurs who are growing the economy and challenging the status quo.  Your support helps us deliver education and mentorship programming for women entrepreneurs so they can take their businesses to the next level.  With our mantra to “leave no woman behind,” FWE also provides financial support to women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford our programming, ensuring that women who need our services can access them without hesitation.

Volunteering is another opportunity for those who would like to be a part of our growing community of entrepreneurs. Spark your entrepreneurial journey or give back to the community by volunteering with FWE. If you’re passionate about meeting people and want to work in an energetic environment, FWE is always on the lookout for new team members.

Corporate Sponsorship opportunities are available to gain exposure, access to business leaders and entrepreneurs, to share expertise, and more.

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