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we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • mental health

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Description of Need
Keeping vital recovery resources intact to help people deal with the effects of addiction and move forward in recovering their lives.

Who does Fresh Start serve?

We serve all individuals who are affected by addiction:

  • 100.0% – Vulnerable
  • 77.1%     – Functionally homeless
  • 38.8% – Absolutely homeless – (50.4% of the functionally homeless)
  • 59.1% – Have at least on other concurrent mental health diagnosis
  • 16.2% – Indigenous
  • 11.0% – Age 24 and under
  • 5.2% – Seniors

Your support is vital to help Fresh Start

  • In maintaining the programing and resources that Fresh Start has developed over its 30 years of operation to continue to help individuals heal from the ravaging effects of  addiction, build and share opportunities to help people who are currently in or seeking recovery to stay connected and develop a stronger community of support.

On behalf of all the Individuals we serve please know that your support is changing lives and the lives of families and loved ones and community  … Please accept our Gratitude!


Our Story – Why We Exist
Fresh Start Recovery Centre provides individuals with the opportunities to find solutions and navigate the life threating impact of this disease. We do this by housing, treating and supporting individuals affected by addiction.

Fresh Start Recovery recognizes that addiction is a neurological disease that affects a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Abstinence is at the core of our treatment model and is followed at our Calgary and Lethbridge locations. We understand that addiction is a progressive illness and often fatal if left untreated. We are committed to the belief that with treatment and a strong recovery program, individuals can go on to live healthy, happy and productive lives. We have always focused on providing solutions which support people moving forward in long-term recovery. We are seen as a treatment leader in the addiction sector and are recognized across Canada for our interdisciplinary approach to treating addiction.

In all we do through our work, we remain constant with our core values: equality, empathy, trust, accountability, support, change, respect and individuality. We lead with recovery-based solutions, the development and application of best practices, and most importantly, being authentic in our love, passion and commitment to those we serve.

Since our humble beginnings in 1992, Fresh Start has relied heavily on partnerships with individuals and families like you and yours in our community to help develop and deliver effective, award winning programs to people seeking a better life for themselves and those close to them.

In fact, when one person achieves long term recovery, it makes life better for sons, daughters, spouses, partners, parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers.


Our Impact – What We Do
With your help, we transform and save lives previously devastated by the disease of addiction.

MISSION | Fresh Start is recovering lives by housing, treating and supporting people affected by addictions.

VISION | Every individual, recovery for life.

Since 1992, Fresh Start Recovery Centre has been recovering lives previously devastated by the disease of addiction. In June of 2012 we opened a purpose built, 40,000 square foot facility to house, treat and support 50 men at a time and provide the essential components to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery in a home like setting. In November 2021 we acquired an additional facility in Lethbridge and further support an additional 23 men and women along their recovery journey.


Our Program – How We Do It
ASSESSMENT PHASE | 1-2 Week Period – During this initial stage it is determined what immediate supports are required such as detoxification or other medical supports.  Here is the time that a person can best acclimate to their new environment with a guiding hand from our staff and current clientele.

TREATMENT PHASE | This is an intensive 90-day program that has evolved and been adapted to ensure that participants get the benefit and balance of a personal wellness plan and group participation. Enhancements to the program that may be different from many other 12-step programs include but are not limited to participation in:

  • Parenting programs
  • Weekly led fitness sessions
  • Legal guidance
  • Literacy and learning
  • Equine therapy
  • Indigenous cultural ceremonies
  • Employment, training, education opportunities

TRANSITIONAL PLANNING PHASE| 1 – 2 Week Period – during this time we help people put their strategies to work including continuing to build a strong foundation for their, recovery by attending mutual support meetings, working with our Outreach staff, attending alumni meetings and events as they continue to practice their new way of living.

  • Alumni – each person who completes this program becomes a member of Fresh Start’s Alumni Association and continues to stay involved with Fresh Start by giving back to others choosing a life in recovery and volunteers and/or works in community to make Calgary a better place to live.
  • Phase II –  This next phase is for individuals who have successfully completed the group portion of our program and agree to continue to work with our Outreach staff for the betterment of their recovery.  New midterm goals are worked on, and support is provided for employment, education or volunteer endeavors.
  • Phase III & IV – By this phase people are continuing to work with our Outreach staff and have been making choices to continue to live in our post treatment community housing or have transitioned back to independent living but are leaders in the alumni association and have invested in their ongoing recovery by becoming responsible members of society.

FAMILY HEALING PROGRAM | At Fresh Start we believe recovery is possible not only for the suffering addict but also for the family, friends and community.  The Family Healing Program is available to any man, woman, or family member that presently has or ever has had a substance abuser in their lives.   Some of the topics covered include, but are not limited to, the disease concept of addiction, family roles and systems, co-dependency, guilt vs. shame, enabling, boundaries, healthy communication, letting go, and the grieving process.

Our Request – What You Can Do
Your gifts have the power to make a significant difference in transforming   lives. YOU can do this in three ways:


You can make a huge difference is by helping with our program and operating costs to make it possible for individuals to participate in Fresh Start’s programming. Whether in group, meditation, eating, exercising, doing group assignments, doing chores, sleeping in a safe and warm bed, sharing with others or just thinking, you make each sober moment possible and help string together these moments to make milestones of recovery (one day, one week, one month, one year) possible and transform lives.  Follow the link to discover the various ways you can make a difference.

How You Can Help | Fresh Start Recovery


2. VOICE/ADVOCATE | You have the power to give a voice to those struggling with the disease of addiction, whose cries for help are a muffled, guarded whisper; those who need help but are fearful of judgement, scorn and being stigmatized.  Your voice, whether verbal, written, on social media (through liking and sharing posts and videos), shared by forwarding newsletters or bringing friends to join you at Fresh Start events can help break down the stigma. Your voice can help convert public thinking and help those suffering from addiction openly seek the help that could transform and even save their lives. Start by liking us on Facebook and following us on twitter.


3. VOLUNTEER | You have a passion, a talent and an idea of how you can help make a difference for the people we serve to make Calgary a better city to live in. Please contact us so that we can explore ways to make a significant difference together.

We are grateful to you for whatever way you choose to make a difference.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the difference!!!



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