Financial Literacy for Small Non-Profits Faces with Critical Decisions

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At the Federation, we are a member based support organization for more than 220 non-profits.  Most of our members are small  non-profits and charities operating community assets like 55 plus clubs, ice rinks, cultural organizations and community centers.  Many struggle generally with financial literacy.  Over the course of the past few weeks, we have heard from volunteers who are now scrambling to make critical financial decisions during this unprecedented pandemic.  As a start, we have put together an Excel cash flow workbook and “how to” video.

At this time, volunteers need the support of trained accountants to help with cash flow statements, budgeting and financial literacy directed at the entire board.  In fact, many will need help long past the immediate emergency to support  financial recovery and sustainability.

The Federation has the financial expertise to do this work.  We are the only non-profit organization in Canada that offers a financial audit service with exclusive expertise in the voluntary sector.  Our four Chartered Professional Accountants do not have the capacity to support this work and as auditors they must maintain independence around management support. We need to build more capacity to support the emerging and long-term financial literacy needs of small organizations.

Financial support of this project would help to increase our capacity to offer:

  1. Offer one-on-one virtual financial budgeting and cash flow support to local non-profits and charities (operating budgets under $2M)
  2. Develop virtual workshops on financial literacy including “budgeting” and “how to read financial statements” using a workshop platform that could potentially have broad sector reach

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