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FRC is Calgary’s Premier Community Musical Theatre Company! We aim to be a driving force in the community by enhancing the cultural environment through the active promotion of musical theatre.

FRC promotes a diverse arts sector in the City of Calgary through its work producing four musicals per season. By involving members of the community in all aspects of production, FRC builds a community of artists and audience members; our volunteer base is a group of artists whose dedicate their talent and their time in the creation of our shows, and our audience is just as loyal. We engage citizens through arts participation through open calls for volunteers for all aspects of production, welcoming individuals who are interested in being onstage as part of the cast or the orchestra, who are skilled in their stagecraft, and who wish to participate in the general operations front of house.

FRC also raises awareness of the arts as an essential part of creating a vibrant community. Our productions tell stories that draw on a wide-range of experiences, reflecting diversity that strives for awareness and inclusion.In addition to our productions, FRC is pleased to offer a series of courses aimed at adults who are passionate about theatre in the Calgary Community. Each course for adults will run over a series of classes for a total length of approximately 8 hours. Accessible and affordable, each course is only $80 for adults (or approximately $10/hour). Develop skills that will help you secure the roles that you want in the fanastic musical theatre opportunities that exist in Calgary.

FRC will be offering courses in Dance, both Jazz and Tap, aimed at helping participants hone their skills and nail that audition.

Also to help you nail that audition, FRC will be offering Audition Preparation courses, learning the best way to prepare for your audition.As a company that uses only volunteers from the Board through to everyone you see on stage, we have a need for many people with a love of theatre to help in many different ways.

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