Gems for Gems Association

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • homelessness
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • domestic violence
  • education
  • employment
  • human trafficking
  • mental health

Requesting $80000


We are currently seeking your support specifically for our newest initiative, Hope’s Cradle.
Hope’s Cradle is a collaborative initiative to support mothers in need and save infants from unsafe abandonment.

Many of you may have heard that newborn babies have been abandoned in dumpsters, alleys, trunks of cars, etc. Many reasons led to these tragedies, but the silver lining is this;

These babies have been born. This gives us an opportunity to change their fate by creating an alternative to abandonment.

When a baby is placed in Hope’s Cradle it will be considered a surrender. Provided the baby is healthy, there will be zero repercussions for the person who chose this safe option. Many of the women currently abandoning babies are trafficked women and girls. This safe and anonymous option will save the lives of the infants, but also potentially the mothers.

Each cradle is $20,000 and is custom made for each locations needs. There are no on going costs. Once built, it requires checks daily amounting to a 5 minute commitment. We will be continuing with Fire Stations as our first station has been a terrific success in Strathmore.

We have established community partnerships with organizations such as Homefront, Emma’s House, The Esthetic Institute, Jerome’s Appliance Gallery and many more. Homefront and Emma’s House see Hope’s Cradle as a much needed addition to the continuum of care in our city as well as a significant impact in crime reduction as any placement outside our cradles is a criminal offense.

Our organization would love to have at least one cradle per quadrant and your support is the missing piece. We have received enormous support from fire stations as we are very excited to bring this resource to our community as it is clearly, and heartbreakingly, much needed.

We know what needs to happen. If another baby is abandoned unsafely because we haven’t provided this, that will be on Gems for Gems. Please help us ensure that does not happen.
From the minute we receive funding, it will be approximately one month before each cradle is entirely finished and operational. This goal would be possible before the end of the summer if we receive your support.

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