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Encouraging men and especially young men to be the husbands and fathers and be positive roll models in their community. For the last 21 years we have had conferences hosting between 300-750 men and year in and out have received stories from those in attendance of the positive impact it has had in their life.

Also with the BBQ outreach we have helped create opportunities to bring people together, some examples from this summer was providing a Stampede breakfast for the youth jail and assisting the FCJ center in hosting a BBQ for the Syrian and Turkish community.We put on an annual men’s conference.

We help with community BBQ’s where we can.Currently we are looking making a documentary on “What is a Man?”.  Our hope is to raise funds to fulfill this project.

Young men continue to fall behind in many areas in life including education and careers. What is behind this dramatic change in our men.  I believe there is a lot of confusion on what is a man’s role in society and how does one become a man. In our western world there is no right passage, often the opposite.  Men are encouraged to remain boys.

In this video we hope to ask the young men what questions they have on becoming a man and then try to find answers in a large cross section of experts.  With the hope of answering the question of “What is a Man?” and then developing training to address the concerns raised.

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