To our customers, Good4U sells a mix of new and used supplies for your home – building materials, appliances, furniture, and a bit of everything in between. We’re able to offer good prices to contractors, renovators, and anyone with a DIY attitude that’s working on a budget. Good items and materials that get donated are sold at a discount instead of ending up in a landfill.

Good4U started life as Tim’s Reusables back in 1993, where it bought used building supplies in good condition that might be otherwise discarded. These were then sold back to contractors and members of the community that were working looking for a deal. In 2018, Enterprise4Good bought the business, moved into a new location, and rebranded as Good4U. It now operates as a social enterprise that aims to create jobs and provide funding for Calgarians with mental, social, or physical disabilities.We run three intertwined services that provide immediate benefit to homeowners:

Donations: The household objects and materials you no longer want don’t need to go to the landfill. We can give them a second life that benefits the community and give you a charitable receipt.

Buy: Find great deals on building supplies and household items from furniture to decor. We specialize in collecting the items you’ll need for your next renovation, and it’s all available in our online store.

Junk Removal: If you need to clean out your property or estate, one of our trucks can come by and pick up all your materials – we’ll recycle what we can (and give you a charitable receipt!) and dispose of the rest for a fee.

By removing unwanted items, receiving donations, and selling items in our store, we generate revenue that supports employment and volunteer experience positions for adults and critically needed programs and services for children with special needs (particularly Autism).Homeowners:  Do you have unwanted items in your basement or garage?  Are you planning to do some renovation and need to get rid of old cupboards, doors, windows or bathroom/kitchen fixtures?  Are you buying new furniture and need to dispose of the old?  Are you buying/selling your house and need to dispose of clutter?

Contractors & Renovators: Do you have reusable materials left over from your latest project? Consider donating them to our store inventory!

Retailers & Manufacturers: If you need to get rid of extra stock, let us know! We’ll be happy to take it off of your hands and provide you with a charitable receipt. Even better, we’re open to consignment or sponsorship agreements. Ask us for details.

Volunteers: Extra hands are always welcome. We can use your expertise or labour to improve the store and help spread our mission.

Donations: We could use a helping hand with improving our in-store experience with either donations of the items below or the cash to purchase them.

  • Interior Store Signage ($500-$1500)
  • Exterior Store Signage ($2000-$5000)
  • Retail shelving and display units ($3000-$6000)
  • Point of sale technology ($1000-$1500)
  • Store advertising & promotions ($3000-$5000)

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