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Green Calgary is empowering all Calgarians to be the environmental heroes that our city and our planet need.

A great example of our impact is the story of Aleena. She is a 9 year old Calgarian who participated in our Young Citizen Scientists project to study bumblebees.

At first she was unsure she will be able find bumblebees in her very urban neighbourhood. She even felt ashamed at the untidy state of the back alleys and yards where we were doing our scientific observations.

But when she learned that those untidy spots are actually great natural habitats for bumblebees and other insects, she found a sense of pride in being part of her community.

With the support of our educators and volunteers, Aleena felt empowered to take some of the best scientific observations of bumblebees for our project and is now committed to protect the biodiversity of her urban environment.

Last year we provided environmental education to over 7,000 young Calgarians who, like Aleena, became better stewards of the environment.

We also engaged over 1,000 homeowners in greener living practices. Through our programs they learned how to live a more sustainable life and inspire others around them to make greener and healthier choices at home and in the community.

And we worked with over 50 businesses to help them reduce their impact on the environment and become more sustainable corporate citizens. Together we diverted over 3,600 tons of waste from the landfill which translated into 2,256 metric tonnes of  reduction in C02e emissions related to waste.Green Calgary stands out from other environmental agencies by offering programs and resources in many different areas as opposed to focusing on just one environmental issue. Our stakeholders value the wide scope of our work and the sense of community that they enjoy when they participate in our initiatives.

Green Homes & Communities

Formerly known as Healthy Homes, this program has helped hundreds of Calgarians incorporate simple & affordable green options into everyday living. From reducing the toxins that we put into local waterways; to reducing household waste; to making responsible buying choices; to re-thinking energy use; we offer all kinds of ways to lower your eco footprint and maintain a greener home.

Green Workplace

This award-winning program has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their desired environmental outcomes. We help our corporate citizens become leaders in environmental sustainability and continue to innovate in the areas of green business solutions and staff engagement.

Green Kids

Our Green Kids program is offered to schools and community groups year-round; and is an opportunity for children from kindergarten to Grade 6 experience inquiry-based hands-on environmental education. Children come out of our programs excited and engaged to be greener citizens and share their newfound knowledge on how to be green with their parents, friends, and family.

Generation Green

Our Generation Green program is offered to schools & community groups for youth grades 7-12 to receive the education, problem-solving skills, and encouragement to make personal changes that promote positive environmental action. Our youth are often inspired to become environmental stewards and play a leadership role within their peer groups to drive environmental social responsibility – once they are given the tools and resources to do so.

Event Greening Services

Did you know that Green Calgary pioneered event greening in our city? With dozens of stampede events as well as a multitude of cultural celebrations hosted every year in our city, the amount of waste generated and sent to our landfills is enormous. We started with the Calgary Folk Fest almost a decade ago and continue to work with many other events; incorporating greener practices, training, and mentoring hundreds of volunteers; and educating vendors, organizers, and the public. Our events average an 80% diversion rate – that’s waste that is not going to the landfill, contributing to greenhouse gases, and requiring tax dollars to manage for decades.


Our EcoStore is a social enterprise where all the proceeds go right back into providing innovative environmental programs for our homes, communities, workplaces, and schools!  We sell green products and we provide all the support to use them including operating a Help Desk to answer thousands of green questions every year!Donate to Green Calgary

There is a clear and urgent need for the important work that environmental organizations do in our communities however finding funding to support our efforts is becoming a growing challenge.

Please make a gift to further our environmental work in Calgary and empower your fellow Calgarians to live more sustainable lives. Here are some examples of how you can support our environmental work:

Give young Calgarians the gift of environmental education
Your donation of $200 can help subsidize the cost of one of our hands-on environmental presentations to 30 young Calgarians. You can help us ensure that all of Calgary’s children get access to hands-on environmental education regardless of their school’s ability to pay.

Give Calgary the gift of environmental literacy

Your donation of $25 will help add a book on environmental sustainability to our Little Green Library. Your donation can support hundreds of Calgarians on their green journey now and into the future.

Become a Member

Join a community of environmentally conscious individuals who, like you, support positive environmental action in Calgary:

  • raise awareness of emerging urban environmental issues
  • empower others to take simple environmental action everyday
  • make friends and meet others who, like you, are working to make Calgary more sustainable
  • gain the right to vote at our AGM & stand for election for our Board

Become a Volunteer

We simply can’t do it without you. As a grassroots environmental charity our work couldn’t be possible without the contributions of our amazing volunteers.

Each year we rely on over 100 volunteers who contribute over 1,500 hours of time to work events, staff booths, support programs and provide administrative assistance. By volunteering with us you’ll be contributing your skills and talents to build a more sustainable city.

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