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  • conservation
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  • Environmental Sustainability
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Introduction and Background

GreenLearning is on a mission to engage youth in innovative educational experiences that empower them to create sustainable, prosperous and resilient communities starting where they live.

Since 1984, we have been delivering free education programs about energy, climate change and the green economy. Almost 750,000 educators have explored GreenLearning’s website since 2010, with a reach of 11,250,000 youth. Youth ages 6-18 explore topics and demonstrate their learning through hands-on action projects that inspire creativity and confidence, and create a measurable environmental impact.

GreenLearning provides over 150 free lessons, activities, digital games and instructional videos to support our programs. We recently added live virtual workshops – with an overwhelming response.


Virtual workshops bring our programs to life. They enable us to connect directly with educators and youth, bring experts directly to classrooms and take youth on ‘virtual field trips’, and build relationships with participants.

In the 2020-2021 school year, we provided workshops to 307 educators and 2710 students, with another 919 students attending pre-recorded sessions. But we cannot continue to sustain demand with our current capacity.

GreenLearning has recently experienced a growing demand from educators for training and professional development to improve their capacity to deliver solutions-oriented climate and energy education. Since the pandemic, we have also experienced a dramatic increase in demand for virtual, interactive workshops provided directly to learners. We would like to be able to respond to this demand.

For example, for $8,000 we can:

Directly support 10 local educators through a workshop designed to teach them about energy metering, energy facts and provide them with free, curriculum connected lessons for their classrooms.

GreenLearning will then offer each educator school based workshops, engaging about 300 youth. Using digital energy tools, watt meters and other hands-on tactics, the classroom workshops will spark student interest. During the workshop, students will explore when they use energy, how to measure it, and they will determine their personal energy use in kilograms of greenhouse gases and in dollars. Using real energy data, students can see exactly how their behaviours generate their energy footprint and the impact of behaviour changes on their personal and collective footprints at school. This cost includes a kit of materials for each classroom to enhance the interactivity of the workshop.

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