Handsome Alice Theatre

Mission: We are devoted to unleashing the human voice through the development, creation, and production of theatre works that are inclusive, curious, and rebellious.

Vision: A performance hive where big ideas meet creation.

Accomplishments: Since 2005, the company has produced nineteen Canadian productions, including eight premieres. The company has produced plays by playwrights Tracey Power, Carole Fréchette, Hannah Moscovitch, Eugene Stickland, Lindsay Burns, Catherine Banks, Kit Brennan, Jennifer Tremblay, Jacob Richmond, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Jill Connell, Rosemary Rowe, Jan Derbyshire, Makambe K. Simamba And Sheri-D Wilson. With artistic excellence leading its core values, Handsome Alice Theatre’s artists have garnered two Betty Mitchell Awards, Eighteen Betty Mitchell Award nominations, five Critics Choice Award nominations and a FFWD Weekly Readers’ Choice Award nomination.Artistic Practice: We are a project-based theatre company, supporting human perspectives through creative narratives that fuse art with life. We act as a catalyst for activating voices through projects that empower both artists and the community. We create and present performances with unique and inclusive perspectives that support theatre makers and/or narratives. We host salons that encourage inter-generational exchanges; and creative workshops where participation is not limited by age or ability. We honour a safe, respectful work-spaces where artistic creation is encouraged through curiosity, bravery, and risk.Community members are involved with Handsome Alice as volunteers, donors, sponsors,
artists, and audiences. There are many ways to support Handsome Alice Theatre:

  • Attend our performances and events
  • Donate – funds are directed towards artist wages and programming and production costs (Artist wages are based on industry standards set by professional associations like CAEA, programming & production costs include venue and equipment rentals)
  • Sponsor (email us for sponsor benefits)
  • Volunteer as a board member or at a special event

Handsome Alice engages with community through our core values:

  • Ensure artistic excellence and integrity through artistic risk, freedom of expression,
    and creative collaborations
  • Embrace inclusive ideas, art forms, and communities
  • Evoke imaginative alliances between artists and community
  • Embody best business practices and responsible board governance

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