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Health Arts Society of Alberta

The Health Arts Society of Alberta enriches the lives of elders in care by providing world-class, professional musical performances in care and retirement homes at no cost to the elders.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Most recognize that a vibrant community includes the arts, and in Alberta, we have a rich cultural fabric that includes access to live music through organizations such as the Calgary Philharmonic and Edmonton Symphony Orchestras, Calgary Opera, The Edmonton International Jazz Festival,  and venues such as the Ironwood and the Yardbird Suite. None of these venues or experiences are available to the marginalized population of elders in care, many of whom are unable to advocate for this basic quality of life experience themselves.

We believe that elders should have access to the same vibrant artistic experiences that the general population enjoys. We also believe that musicians deserve market rates. We are guided by our commitments to:

•        Include elders in a vibrant artistic society

•        Contribute to the quality of life for elders in care

•        Support professional musicians with market rates


Our Impact

What We Do

The Health Arts Society of Alberta was created with the support of a decade-old, evidence-based model, initially founded in BC, that works with care homes, musical organizations and individual musicians to bring concerts free of charge to elders. Over ten years, our performers in BC alone have reached an audience of over three hundred and fifty thousand.  The responses from audiences and care home staff confirm our sense of the value of the concerts, performed by our roster of superb musicians.  In Alberta, we have seen extraordinary growth in our first two years of operation, with over one hundred concerts performed in our first year to over 5,000 elders in care.

Our Programs

How We Do It

We work with care homes to bring the arts to elders in care. In 2017, our first official year of activity in Alberta, we performed over 100 concerts for elders in care.  A typical concert is:

·        Held in a care home

·        Free for elders

·        Is structured within a series – i.e. multiple concerts at a single location so that elders get variety of and different genres of music within a series

·        45 minutes in length

·        Performed for a wide range of audience numbers (depending on the size of the care home and what type of ward we are playing in, the numbers can range from 10-400)

·        Performed by full-time professional musicians (members of the Calgary Musicians’ Association)

·        Played by a performing group of between 1-5 musicians (our average groups are 2-3)

·        Vibrant, varied, interactive and includes introductions by the musicians

Our Requests

What You Can Do


We are a registered charity with an active Board of Directors. Our Board is committed to bringing the best musical experiences to elders in care – if this is something you are passionate about and feel your expertise could help us, please let us know!


Our low operating costs mean that your contribution will go directly towards artist fees. We will work with you to make sure your generosity brings music to those you feel need it most. With the matching contributions care homes make, you could bring a concert to elders in care with as little as  a $200 donation. With a $2,000 donation, you can bring a ten-concert series to a care home of your choice.

Corporate Partnerships

Care Home contributions cover only one third the cost of a typical concert. We have opportunities for sponsorship at all levels – all can be fine-tuned to meet the marketing and branding needs of your organization while bringing world-class music to a marginalized and under-served community.

Partner Care Homes

Host a series of concerts! 2017 was a monumental year for us, with over 100 concerts for elders in care. Help us make 2018 even better by expanding our network of care homes. We ask care homes to host a minimum of four 45-minute concerts. Care homes contribute less than a third of actual costs, with a typical contribution of $200 per concert in Calgary.



Meran Currie-Roberts

Executive & Artistic Director


Charitable Number: 85173 6488 RR0001

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