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Covid 19 Response:

We are running our lunch program but currently in an alternative version. Here is an update on how we are doing:

We were considering shutting down once the schools were closed, however decided to continue the support to the children in our communities as long as we can.

Parents are encouraged to contact us directly at [email protected] to set up a breakfast and lunch package, which will be delivered twice a week to their doorstep unless they prefer otherwise. All we require is the confirmation from their school or daycare.

We currently have two volunteers running the kitchen and a few delivery volunteers, who receive their delivery packages at the door. We are trying to have minimum points of contacts and the two volunteers preparing the packages are on top of the cleaning protocol in the kitchen.

We decided to provide snacks and lunch items to feed the children seven days a week and also partnered up with High River Food Rescue, who decided to hold off with any markets until the end of the month (for now), and will add any rescued food to the packages to support the families a bit more in these tough times.

Unfortunately not everything is running so smooth. Food for Thought is in the middle of grant season. We contacted all our grant applications and most of them informed us that grants have been put on hold until things have settled. This however means we are running low on funds and have to ask for help. If you or anyone you know is able to support us, please consider making a donation to our program. Donations can be non-perishable food items or monetary donations. Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange a delivery or pick up of food items. Thank you.

We are here to help as long as we can.


Our Story – Why We Exist

FooD for ThOught was started when some of the local parents had learned that there are kids who are not bringing lunches to school on a regular basis. This seems to be for various reasons, such as children whose families are struggling financially but also those whose parents have become overwhelmed and frequently forget to send lunches with their children. Many of these schools do their best to provide for these children by having teachers and other parents buying and providing lunches for them. However this can quickly become overwhelming, is unreliable at times, and we have concerns for the sustainability of this as Foothills communities continue to grow. Also by giving these children tasty healthy food they will be more likely to choose healthy eating in the future, maintain a fit lifestyle and therefore make our community healthier as a whole.

Our Impact – What We Do

Our organization is here to ensure that every child has regular and reliable access to a healthy, nutritious meal every school day. This works in partnership with the schools we service.

We keep track of all the lunches we are making and are in regular contact with the school staff who give us feedback. We are unable to contact the parents or students directly due to the anonymity of the program, with the exception of the St. Lukes students, whom we have invited to volunteer at our program once a month, and they love to be able to give back a little for the help they are receiving.

Some of the feedback we receive from the schools are quoted below:

“These lunches have fed a lot of hungry kids that would have otherwise done without”

Cayley School (PreK – Grade 8)


“Thank you for all that you do! We very much appreciate the program and how much it benefits our students.”

Ecole Joe Clark (PreK – Grade 5)


“We are so thankful for this food.”

Ecole Secondaire Highwood High (Grade 9-12)


“Thank you, Thank you……Thank you for your Love and Acceptance.”

High River St. Lukes Outreach Centre (Grade 10-12)


“The service is very much needed and appreciated.”

Spitzee Elementary School (PreK – Grade 5)


“This service has made a huge difference for the children”

Holy Spirit Academy (PreK – Grade 6)

Our Programs – How We Do It

Parents, concerned teachers and students themselves can sign-up through the schools for our program. The schools contact us with the total number on the list. Because the program is anonymous we are never told the names. Once the child is signed-up we will provide a lunch for that child for the entire school year. It is our volunteers who prepare and deliver these lunches to the school everyday.

Our Requests – What You Can Do

We currently have a good vase of regular volunteers but can always use an extra hand on Saturday mornings. The volunteers would come in and help prepare the lunches and sandwiches.

Food for Thought just recently signed the lease to a new space and is looking for handy helpers who can paint, install new flooring and help us move the furniture.

We also accept non-perishable, nut-free snacks, brown lunch bags, sandwich bags, spoons and juice boxes.

In addition to that any financial donation will be greatly appreciated. We get all our perishable items from local grocery stores and would use your donation in from of either monetary or gift cards to cover those expenses.

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