Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA)

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HSCA was mandated to completely shutdown its operations in mid-March. Since then, we have been adapting and evolving our operations, ensuring that we are supporting the communities of Hillhurst Sunnyside through this difficult time. Now, as we work on a gradual reopening, we have prioritized essential programming including childcare, social supports, community engagement opportunities and access to food.

The closure of our facility resulted in a complete loss of revenue from mid-March to mid-June. While some programs are resuming operations and a small amount of revenue is coming in, we will continue to experience an overall reduction of revenue through to the end of the year, including some of our largest rentals this year.

We continue to work hard at adapting to new ways of connecting with and supporting community members. This includes virtual programming and developing strategies to reach those community members who may not have online access.

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