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The news media set agendas, shape policies and impact spending. The voices they amplify wield outsize influence. And yet women’s voices make up less than a third of those being heard through Canada’s most influential news sources. The vital insights of women with intersectional identities are even further marginalized.

The absence of diverse women’s experience-informed insights undermines democracy, denies Canada access to the analysis and ideas of many of its informed and perceptive voices, and reduces our capacity to effectively address the complex social, economic and environmental challenges we face. Informed Opinions amplifies the voices of women and gender-diverse individuals to ensure the perspectives and priorities of women in all their diversity are equitably reflected in the news media and integrated into Canadian society.

In addition to training and motivating women and gender-diverse people to make their ideas more accessible to a broader audience, we make qualified diverse sources easier for journalists to find so they can more equitably represent the public they serve. We don’t charge the women we feature, or the journalists who use the database to find experts who’s informed opinions add value to the public’s understanding of important issues that affect us every day. But everyone benefits from public conversations enriched by women’s perspectives. And if you can’t “see her,” you can’t “be her”: visible role models change our perceptions of what a “leader” looks like, and helps to reduce sexist and racist barriers, including unconscious bias.

You contribution to supporting Informed Opinions’ database of expert women sources recognizes that systemic change requires strategic approaches and persistent effort.

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