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In 2018, we impacted over 25,701 students in 111 communities across Alberta through our five pillars of environmental and natural resource education – professional developments, youth summits, classroom programming, forest field programming, and grants.

Our 2018 Impact across Alberta:

  • 8,003 students attended our forest field programs at six forest field sites across Alberta
  • 354 teachers attended our professional development programs and workshops
  • 3,503 classroom learning resources distributed
  • 73 environmental and energy projects supported
  • 511 K – 12 classrooms visited 
  • 54 schools attended six youth summits 

For more information and a map of our impact, check out our 2018 Impact report

 Our inquiry-based programs challenge students to find creative solutions and become involved in shaping their own future. We believe in sparking curiosity in our next generation so they learn how to ask questions, make important connections and broaden their perspective of the world.

We cover a wide range of topic areas such as mining, climate change, sustainability, energy, water, electricity, agriculture, and many more! Please find all our 2018 program reports here.Inside Education is built on partnerships. We engage experts from across the spectrum of ideas and perspectives when it comes to energy, environmental and natural resources topics and themes. For this reason, we are always interested in securing volunteer experts to participate in program development and delivery.

Our fundraising goals are ongoing and we are always interested in discussing partnership and collaboration opportunities. For more information contact our Executive Director, Steve McIsaac, at [email protected]

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