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Seven years ago, if you were to ask Jack how he was doing, he couldn’t tell you. He didn’t have any language skills.

As an autistic child, he struggled with crippling anxiety that made it difficult to eat and sleep. His mother, Mary, had never heard him call her by name.

Jack’s family did their best to meet his basic needs, but the possibility of Jack attending school seemed distant, unattainable and unrealistic. When Mary learned of Janus
Academy and took a leap of faith, their lives were transformed.

Today, Jack is 14 years old and in grade 9 at Janus Academy. His language skills have blossomed and he can speak in full sentences, read and sing.

What is Jack’s truest potential? To be honest, we don’t know yet. We’re still finding out and we know that, ultimately, Jack will decide that for himself.

While Jack has ASD, a lifelong condition that impacts brain development and ranges in severity of symptoms and behaviours, he doesn’t let it define him.

“Jack is pretty severely compromised by his autism and was really cut off from us.  But they really helped us connect with him. I think their curriculum is truly world class,” Mary gratefully acknowledges.

Janus Academy is a school like no other.

Children with special needs never get “lost in the system” at Janus Academy. In fact, children with autism and their families are our priority. We create highly individualized learning goals for each student to support them in their educational needs.

We meet students where they are at and nurture individual development through our continuum of learning. With care and support, our highly trained staff provide a safe and responsive environment for all students.

What make Janus Academy unique?

We are one of the only autism-exclusive schools in Alberta. Other schools only work with “high functioning” autistic children and teachers must balance a vast array of other disabilities and health challenges.

Our school is grounded in Applied Behaviour Analysis, an evidence-based teaching philosophy. Other schools do not provide staff the specialized training or resources to implement individualized learning programs.

We maintain low staff-to-student ratios with small groups of only a few students. Other schools maintain a 1:7 staff to student ratio or greater.

Highly specialized learning.
Leading-edge expertise.
A rare opportunity to learn at the right pace.

We believe autism is not an end, but an opportunity to see the unique potential in all children and help them flourish.

Janus Academy was founded in Calgary in 1997 to operate as an accredited, independent, non profit school to meet the unique educational needs of school-aged children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Over the years our programs have grown to include a recreational summer camp and a pilot project to provide services to adults with ASD.

Our School Program specializes in providing an educational approach that is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis within structured individualized instruction and small group teaching sessions.  Our curriculum is based on Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. We follow a modified program that is geared to the individual needs of our students.  We operate on a traditional school calendar (September to June).

Our Summer Camp Program is for children and youth between 6 – 18 years of age and is based on the philosophy that every child should be given the opportunity to participate and experience summer camp within a safe and fun environment. By creating positive interactions and stimulating environments, children have the opportunity to communicate, take notice of and interact with their peers and build upon skills that will enhance their quality of life all while having fun.

Support the growth of Janus Academy students in our new location.  

A $2.2M campaign to elevate learning with autism, build new opportunities for community integration, and partnerships to give our students room to grow and flourish.

Our previous Ramsay and Acadia campuses were workable for a time, but they did not provide us a sustainable path for future growth. Families and staff were forced to combat challenges such as:

  • Classrooms were located in two separate campuses, 20 minutes apart
  • As many as 20 families per year were turned away due to a lack of space
  • Stunted growth of programs and services due to capacity limitations

In this new location, the previous barriers to student potential and learning have disappeared.

  • All students are now together in one location (grades 1 to 12)
  • Additional learning spaces to accommodate increased enrolment
  • Continued low staff-to-student ratios
  • Expansion of programs such as consumer science, visual arts, employment readiness, STEM and more
  • New opportunities for community integration and partnerships
  • New training opportunities for parents, families and larger community

Government funding and tuition fees only account for 79% of the costs associated with delivering this specialized education model. Your generous support helps to raise the 21% needed to ensure quality programming and education for our students.

You are invited to become part of the caring community on a mission to a bold dream: enabling lifelong resilience for families in our new location.

How can you help Janus Academy so we can keep the doors open and help more families for years to come?

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  4. Legacy Giving
  5. Gifts in Kind

Donations are appreciated in any amount at anytime to help us continually support our existing families, and welcome new ones.

Our sponsors, donors, sponsors, families and friends are the foundation of our success. We can build brighter futures TOGETHER.

We have already raised over $500,000 but YOUR support is still needed.

Make a difference HERE.

Investing in families helps Calgary now and for generations into the future. Help us with capacity-building and resilience for our community.

If you are interesting in getting involved, please contact Carlene Chrumka at [email protected].

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Thank YOU.

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