KO Arts Centre

  • We’re a unique Cultural Destination, a Community Engagement Hub, a Natural Reserve and Tourism Destination, enriching our community.
  • We’re building a Pavilion to house the permanent collection and to provide meeting and reception facilities for the community.
  • We support emerging artists by providing studio space, mentorship and financial support for their work.
  • We work with educators to bring arts programs to our schools and communities.
  • We collect our heritage of contemporary sculpture and paintings – from monumental-scale to site specific earthworks.
  • We commision work for the Park, through our Established Artist Residencies.
  • We preserve a fragment of what was once the norm in our area,  Aspen glades, wetlands, and natural grasslands, for future generations. We respect and treasure the land….and make it open to the public.
  • We provide a gathering place for all members of the community to meet and build relationships, while enjoying the benefits of art in nature.
  • Cultural Tourism brings economic benefits at all levels.
  • Katie and Harry’s legacy is part of our cultural heritage.

 KOAC Projects and Programs 2020 – Youth Programs – Arts In Schools – Emerging Artist Residencies – Established Artists Residencies – Public Access to Sculpture Park – Senior Activities – Nature Walks – First Nations Engagements

Youth Programs
Project Title The Orchard
Facilitating Artist Patricia Lortie
One of our most ambitious programs involved 120 youth and children from the art clubs of the Springbank High School, and the Elbow Valley Middle and Elementary Schools
Project Title Cut Ups
Facilitating Artist Katie Ohe
Guided by Katie Ohe, each student is encouraged to develop and evolve a single idea through collage.
School Outreach
Project Title Ziegler Tiny Art
Facilitating Artist James Ziegler
Students from participating schools will explore their artistic process while making small sculptures pieces using laser-cut patterns.
Seniors Programs
A number of programs designed for seniors groups, such as the Springbank Heritage Club, will extend the reach of the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre to a broader audience and promote quality of life.
First Nations Programs
Local First Nations Elders attended our recent unveiling of Steel Wave and we will continue to engage with them on how to build future programming relevant to their community.
Recreational Days
Programs such as nature walks or Snowshoe Day through the
Sculpture Park and Woods.

Guided Nature Walks
Working with lifelong naturalist Gus Yaki, a devoted conservationist and educator, groups of nature lovers will visit the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre for walking tours across our landscape of Aspen and Willow forest and prairie grassland.We provide a large Arts reference library, over 2000 volumes and growing.

We fund emerging artists residencies, four residencies planned for 2020.

We manage educational outreach programmes

We  are actively seeking  and acquiring major sculptural works, three significant pieces over the last three years.

We are preserving a significant natural space for future generations by establishing an art in nature sculpture park


 Financial Support and Volunteers!

Ask us about volunteer opportunities — learn more here.

Funding Priorities:

To improve the Sculpture Park  for increased use. This requires upgrades to paths, parking, and overall landscaping suitable for general public access. Our landscaping plan will be completed in phases. Phase one – Get it Open! – has an estimated cost of $87,000.

As our Visitor numbers grow, and Residencies increase, we require HVAC and Plumbing upgrades. These are estimated to be in the $125,000to $150,000 range.

Our Emerging Artists Residency Program requires funding for each Residency. Cost is Typically $7,500 to $10,000 per Residency .

Summer Programs for Young People and Education Outreach Programs – $12,500 Materials and Artist Fees

Operational and Administrative Costs – 2019 – $125,000 2 Employees, General Maintenance, Marketing.

On a larger scale, we are fundraising for the construction of a small (4500 sq. Ft)  jewel of an Exhibition and Meeting Space, The Pavilion.We have $800,000 committed to what we expect to be a $4,000,000 project.

We have obtained from Rocky View County a re-designation to our land use permits and a development permit for the construction of the project’s central building. We have completed the design stage and have conceptual drawings and more information available HERE .

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