Lake Bonavista Community Association

The LBCA offers children a safe place to learn and play sports and offer the community other recreational opportunities for all ages. Lake Bonavista Community Association host a lot of free events each year with the hopes of engaging the community further. Our mission as a volunteer organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community by providing and facilitating programs and services, and a voice and direction to meet the needs of our residents.

 The Lake Bonavista Community Association operates several weekly programs, and annual events, in addition to town hall meetings, adult and youth fitness, and children playtime activities. The center creates a space for clients to come back year after year to enjoy the programs that we offer and the events we host.The existing facility has served the community for almost 45 years and some of the buildings infrastructure and operating systems are reaching the end of its life cycle. Prior to implementing redevelopment or refurbishment of the facility, the LBCA wants to engage the community to assess current and emerging needs and expectations for programs, services and activities and consider options and opportunities for the future facility. LBCA will utilize grant funding to engage a consultant to conduct a needs assessment study and develop business case analysis for options that may exist for the facility.

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