League of Innovators

We believe entrepreneurship is about more than an idea, product or company; it’s about developing powerful tools and competencies that serve you for the rest of your life.

Our programming is free because we believe every young person has the potential to create something great. Because our focus is sector-agnostic and our programs are barrier-free, we reach and impact youth across gender, ethnic, socio-economic and geographic divides.


By the Numbers

Total Youth Engaged




350 Digital learners

480 Unique resource downloads

2303 Crash Course participants in 42 Crash Courses

6046 Public Event Engagement



48 Youth Connectors across

13 Connector Hubs




59 Graduated early stage startups

92 Entrepreneur participants


8 Ventures

Raised $ 19 millionOur Programs
Democratizing entrepreneurship for many, rather than accelerating a few.


We noticed a gap in quality entrepreneurial education—at all stages. To fix it, we expanded from an accelerator-only approach to a more scalable, inclusive model. By shifting our focus to inclusivity and prioritizing long-lasting impact over dollars raised in the short term, we can now support the whole entrepreneurial journey—not just at the point of acceleration.

The LOI Difference
In addition to supporting the personal development of young people, our programming and education contributes to tangible economic success. League of Innovators helps bolster Canada as a hub for innovation and growth with our unique approach:


Alternative entrepreneurial curriculum created specifically for youth ages 15–25.


Connection to a larger network—in person, through regional chapters and online.


Free, equitable access regardless of gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic situation.


Prioritizing drive, curiosity and passion over academic standing or institutional affiliation.Youth are the future of our economy, community development and prosperity. And it takes a village to support youth in their journey of entrepreneurship and innovation. You can support League of Innovators through helping to fund our deeply engaging and life-changing experiences for young individuals and support the creation of conscious, skilled and innovative business leaders across Canada. We also have opportunities to make an impact with your time and expertise by acting as mentors and coaches for our young entrepreneurs. LOI isn’t just helping the youth participate in a program, the positive effects ripple—through their lives, the lives of their future employees and the Canadian economy.

2020 Vision

Meaningfully engage 20,000 youth across Canada, helping them adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Develop and grow a community of youth invigorated and inspired by entrepreneurship and innovation.

Incubate and accelerate 150 youth entrepreneurs and their ventures.

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Executive Director

Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber