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Legacy Children’s Foundation musical mentorship program has made a positive impact for over 500 families in Alberta over the past 13 years. We have worked in high needs areas within Calgary, Cochrane and first nations communities such as Eden Valley, Morley and Stoney Nation. We have also had successful programs out of Cold Lake, AB and have an existing program in Fort McMurray.  We are 80% successful, year after year, at helping young people not only complete their education but also stay out of trouble with the law and remain on a positive life path.

Music is the hook used to connect with our youth but the biggest impact of all is the one on one mentorship provided by our professional instructors.  They are there for these children week after week and some of our students have been with the same instructor going on 8 years now.  This stability and relationship continuity in their lives can often be something that is lacking and our Foundation is able to provide this through positive role modelling and mentorship to young people and their families in our community’s most at-risk populations.Gift Of Music Individualized Program and Group Workshops – Approx 100-150 youth per year

Direct Drive DJ Program – Approx 24 youth per year

Direct Drive Entrepreneur/Internship Program for At-Risk and Homeless Youth – Approx 24 youth per year

HipHop to the Top Social Enterprise for Corporations and Businesses – Available for purchase – All proceeds are returned to the foundation to support local youthDID YOU KNOW…
♩ That it costs between $800 and $1600 per year for music lessons?

♩ In 2008 there were 77,595 children – one in every ten – living in poverty in   Alberta  – children living in poverty who cannot afford music lessons outside of school.

Sponsorship means a child will be provided, at a minimum, with a musical instrument and music lessons of choice. Your much-needed donation will be applied to the music program which provides students with all of the above – and most importantly a life of promise and hope.

To donate, sponsor a student or inquire about sponsorship packages that will meet your individual interests and needs, call 403.244.3074 or email [email protected]

We are also asking businesses and individuals to donate new or “gently used” instruments to our Musical Instrument Bank, so that we can refurbish them if required and distribute them to children and youth in need throughout Alberta.

If you or someone you know has an instrument that is not in use, PLEASE don’t let it collect dust for another day DONATE, and change a child’s life 🙂

Drop-offs can be made at the Kerby Centre, Music Makers – Crowfoot, or Axe Music in Calgary Alberta or call 403.244.3074 to find out about other drop-off locations in your area.

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