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The Legacy Land Trust Society, a registered Canadian Charitable Organization, is looking for partners to support our work with landowners to conserve and steward lands with ecological, agricultural, and heritage values in Mountain View County and surrounding Municipalities. We would appreciate your consideration and financial support for our Land Conservation Fund. Donations will help us to achieve our mission to conserve water, wildlife and food.

Land trusts, or land conservation societies, are non-profit charitable organizations dedicated to conserving land. They have expertise in legal conservation tools, land health assessment, and conservation and stewardship techniques. Land trusts help landowners meet their conservation goals. All land trust projects are voluntary and are usually initiated by the landowner. As charities, land trusts are funded through donations from individuals and grants from the government, foundations, or corporations.

Each year we are approached by passionate landowners who want to preserve their special piece of the world but don’t have the means to cover the costs on their own.

Our goal is to be able to fund conservation easements (a conservation easement is a legal tool by which the landowner voluntarily exchanges some rights for other forms of compensation, such as a charitable tax receipt) on lands with important ecological, agricultural, or heritage value using the Legacy Land Trust Society Land Conservation Fund.

Diversification of revenue is an important objective of our organization and we continue to work to expand corporate partnerships and develop awareness and fundraising campaigns to ensure the sustainability of our land trust. The Legacy Land Trust Society would proudly serve as a stable, trustworthy and well-governed partner. Your support would make a meaningful difference for land conservation efforts in Alberta.

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