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Since 2012, Level has empowered over 850 Indigenous Youth across Canada through specialized justice education and leadership programming. After participating in Level’s Indigenous Youth Outreach Program (IYOP), students tell us that they have improved confidence and critical thinking skills, a better sense of the criminal justice system, including what constitutes a crime and the consequences of certain actions, as well as increased knowledge about Indigenous peoples’ relationships with the Canadian justice system–including the reason for Gladue principles and sentencing circles. Most recently, two alumni from IYOP have shared their desire to go on to law school and become future advocates. In addition, approximately 75 volunteer legal professionals also benefit annually from their participation in IYOP and through their attendance at one of Level’s inter-cultural competency training events. As the program expands each year, these numbers grow.

Level also empowers 55 law students leaders across Canada to engage in unique leadership and research opportunities in Canada. This work reaches and engages +3000 law students annually. Since 2005, we have supported the critical and often ground-breaking work of 42 human rights organizations in 18 countries and have provided 150+ law students with international or Indigenous social justice internships.We disrupt prejudice and build empathy to increase access to justice through innovative youth empowerment and human rights advocacy projects.

i. Youth Empowerment

Working with Indigenous youth aged 11-13 across Canada, we deliver specialized justice education workshops, including mock trials and sentencing circles. The program is culturally anchored and is designed to empower youth to develop greater knowledge of the justice system through experiential learning. The project aims to encourage youth to become leaders in their classrooms and communities, and to consider careers in law. We also empower Indigenous youth to be agents of change in their communities by creating spaces for them to be directly involved in innovative research and resource creation. For example, in 2018, Level will support Indigenous youth across Canada to create a report identifying barriers to justice in their communities.

ii. Human Rights Research and Advocacy

We work with students, early career lawyers, and legal professionals to develop and publish important human rights research. In 2018, a multidisciplinary team of students will research practical ways to disrupt barriers to justice in Canada. We also facilitate meaningful mentorship relationships for law students and create opportunities for law students to raise awareness of important human rights issues on their campuses.You can make an impact. 

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  • Expand our Indigenous Youth Outreach Program to new communities in the Calgary area and across Canada
  • Create new meaningful mentorship relationships for Indigenous youth in the Calgary area and across Canada
  • Break down barriers between justice professionals and the communities they work with
  • Build cultural humility and empathy for early career legal professionals and students
  • Support innovative and cutting edge research

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