Life House Care Homes Society (Lifehouse)

All of our members have access to affordable Health Care Services and benefit from ongoing educational opportunities we provide. Our Universal Care System improves access to Health Care Services which naturally improves health outcomes. Our members can access Health Care Services operating across the spectrum from primary prevention to long term care and end-stage conditions.

  • Our preventative care policy anticipates high risk situations, and aims to reduce harmful incidents from occurring
  • Personalized care allows for individualized adaptation of all services so all our members receive the specific care they need
  • Our team advocates for the well being and benefit of the individuals we serve
  • A personal relationship is developed with each member, and family involvement is encouraged
  • Interactive social environments reduces the negative factors presented by isolation
  • Our care model maintains independence, and allows for personal preference
  • Quality care at an affordable price
  • Members are eligible for additional funding through Alberta Health Services
  • Community activities and events are arranged by our Neighbourhood Nurse to keep seniors Active and Engaged in the community

Care Homes 

Each home has a specific care objective or “Care Theme”.  Environment plays a huge role in providing quality care. Every aspect of the home is specially designed to ensure the function of the home allows for the care objectives to be met.  All of our homes feature a unique ambience and are designed around a specific care objective. With our Care Themes, our care model allows for “one of a kind” personalized care. Applicants have the ability to choose which Care Theme suits them best including memory care.

Memory Care

Our Memory Care Homes feature an enhanced care setting that accommodates as much independence as possible. Our specialized interior design provides a safe environment that our members can feel comfortable in. The small care setting allows for individualized care, and one on one attention. Reminders are placed throughout the home to allow members the chance to use their memory before being assisted. Seminars, and Workshops are tailored to help increase memory and help to decrease the symptoms of dementia.
Click here to see a list of upcoming Care Homes available through Life House including culture, genius and recovery care.

Respite and Overnight Care

Our Overnight Respite Care provides caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving, while the person with Alzheimer’s continues to receive care in a safe environment. With overnight care, you are able to take an extended break or vacation while your loved one can experience our healing home, and benefit from all of the healing amenities. Overnight relief can help to rejuvenate your mind and body by giving you an extended break, while providing you with practical support needed in order to make time for yourself.

Registered Day Programs 

Our registered day programs offer full time caregivers a much deserved break. Our Day Programs offer your loved one an opportunity to be social and participate in activities such as Music & Art Therapy, Movement Classes, Behavioural Therapy Activities and more. In our experience, scheduled programs help to reduce the symptoms of wandering, incontinence, hallucinations, sexually inappropriate behavior or speech difficulties. Our Day Programs include nutritious snacks and meals while attendees enjoy specialized activities.



Join us in creating a new way to age. Apply to become a member of Lifehouse. Members of Lifehouse benefit from affordable Health Care Services, volunteer support, workshops, events, educational opportunities and more. All of our members have priority access to affordable Care Home Living, Overnight Respite and supporting Day Program Services.

Membership Benefits:

  • Receive monthly newsletter and email updates to inform you of the latest holistic medical information, events and news.
  • Priority access to our  Care Home Living, Overnight Respite and supporting Day Programs
  • Discounts on partner organizations products and services

Annual Membership = $100 / year

Monthly Membership = $10/ month


Your monthly contribution will be directly invested into care. Your investment can be donated to an individual person or to a specific project. You can choose to make a huge difference in the life of one incredible human, or to impact the livelihood of an entire community. 100% of your donation goes directly to the project or person of your choice. You will receive a donation receipt, Care Award and a signed polaroid introducing you to the person or project you helped to support.

Join us, and help grow a society which honours and respects our aging loved ones needs. To celebrate your contribution, you will be granted public recognition for your impact on the community. Community Care Awards recognize how vital care is to the community while celebrating the critical contributions from our Angel Investors,  Local Businesses, Caregivers, Volunteers and Community Members.

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