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  • children and youth

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  • domestic violence
  • education
  • human trafficking
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Luna Child and Youth Advocacy Centre supports those who have experienced abuse. Luna brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts from health, law enforcement, children’s services, education, victim services, and the legal system, who work together to provide children, youth and their families with the support and resources they need throughout the disclosure, investigation, judicial, and healing process.

This integrated model is a leap forward in child abuse intervention and prevention because of its ability to share information, expertise, and resources in real-time. We focus on research-based practices and ongoing training, constantly building the expertise and effectiveness of our teams in order to mobilize the strongest possible response for children, youth, and families, so that they can heal and thrive.

Luna has a collective goal to utilize and share our knowledge and expertise to build informed, engaged communities where all children are safe.

Above all, we maximize our impact by working together. It’s the best way to support the children, youth and communities we serve.

Children and youth who experience abuse are often overwhelmed. Daily stresses become even more stressful. Emotional responses get more intense.

Our Victim Support Program offers referrals, information and support. We work with children, youth and families to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Offer emotional support
  • Provide a consistent point of contact
  • Connect to community resources
  • Help navigate the criminal justice system

Luna is a recognized centre of excellence in child abuse intervention and prevention. We’re a leader in Canada because our integrated approach maximizes resources and reduces the stress placed on those who have experienced abuse.


Luna has a dedicated and skilled multidisciplinary team who contribute individual and combined focus and expertise to helping children, youth and families. Included in this team are our Core Partners:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Justice & Solicitor General
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Children’s Services
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Working together as one team from one location, we focus on the most complex, severe and urgent cases of child maltreatment. We rally every available resource to prevent abuse, investigate wrongdoing, support healing, bring offenders to justice and build resilience in our communities.

As a multidisciplinary team, we bring together experts from a variety of fields, who work together from one location. That makes it easy to share information and discuss cases. We’re a safe, comfortable space. We respond quickly with support and access to resources that children, youth and families need to start healing.

Our process includes several stages:

  • Advocacy
  • Medical
  • Prevention
  • Assessment
  • Therapy
  • Support
  • Investigation

As advocates, we elevate the issue of child abuse, identify the needs and gaps in services, and amplify the voices and experiences of children, youth, and families so that we can influence policy and inform the systems and process that they interact with.

Assessments can involve Children’s Services, Calgary Police Service, RCMP and Alberta Health Services. We work with these partners to determine risk and the best way to handle individual cases of child abuse.

Once an assessment has been completed, children and families are connected to the appropriate resources for support.

The first stage in an investigation is a forensic interview conducted by forensic interviewers from Calgary Police, Children’s Services, RCMP, and a Forensic Interview Specialist from Luna. The interview provides evidence that is needed to proceed with criminal charges.

The medical team will review each case of suspected abuse. They often consult with investigators to determine if an exam is needed. The exam can be an important part of the investigation because it can shed light on what happened to the child.

In cases where an exam is necessary, our Child Life Specialist will explain the process using age-appropriate language and child-friendly versions of some of the medical equipment used.

The supportive intervention Luna provides is preventative in that we ensure enough protective factors and additional supports are in place to reduce the toxic stress that can be caused by ongoing trauma. In this way, we promote healthy development of critical executive functioning skills such as decision making, emotional regulation, mental flexibility, working memory, etc., and reduce the chances of chronic physical and mental health issues (and increase system costs) later in life.

Prevention is also about creating a community that takes responsibility for keeping children and youth safe. Luna is deeply committed to the prevention of child abuse by building awareness and knowledge, engaging the community, creating networks and alliances, enhancing the capacity of caregivers, and empowering children, youth and families. Our goal is to utilize and share our knowledge and expertise to build informed, involved communities where all children are safe.
We offer a variety of additional intervention and prevention support services. We work to create warm and friendly spaces in which information and guidance can be shared.

  • Being a consistent point of contact
  • Support from a Child Life Specialist
  • Connecting children and families to community resources
  • Helping families navigate the criminal justice system
  • Supports for vulnerable pregnant persons
  • Providing court support
  • Offering the support of our Facility Dogs

Victim Support
Coping with the impact of child abuse isn’t easy or straightforward. Our Victim Support team offers help, information and referrals to anyone receiving services through Luna.

This team includes coordinators, an Indigenous liaison, and volunteer advocates. Together, they:

  • Liaise with other victim services to make support more accessible
  • Provide support from first entry to court and afterwards
  • Ensure families have a clear understanding of our process
  • Make sure any questions get answered by the appropriate professional
  • These services are provided for as long as they are needed.

Luna Child and Youth Advocacy Centre is a charitable organization that relies on community support. Your donations to Luna provide resources for supports that promote healing and thriving in the young people we serve. There are many opportunities to support the children and youth in our communities who have experienced abuse, including greatest needs. We encourage you to connect with Luna’s director of development, Tracy Neumann at 403-428-5416 or [email protected], to explore areas of need, giving options, or to come in for a tour. We look forward to meeting you.

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