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    Sarah is one of the 1072 families we helped last year.

    “I have been very ill the past few weeks and am having trouble standing up to prepare meals or even simple snacks for my family. We have asked for help a few times before, and hope you can help to get us on our feet while I recover. I have a chronic illness, and latest round has hit me hard.”

    “Yes, a delivery tomorrow morning would be perfect. Sorry about the delay in responding – have been really sick and not able to sit up for email. Thanks again. Thank you so much for the food and good wishes. I’m not able to eat much right now, but my children have already picked out what’s for dinner for them and my husband.”

    “You guys keep me going, really. I am so grateful.”

    “Some news. My illness has become life-threatening and I came about 10 minutes away from bleeding to death in hospital last week. Twice. And then they still couldn’t get it under control in the OR. It’s been a very hard week coming to terms with the seriousness of my condition and the experience of saying goodbye to my children in case I didn’t survive (that’s a conversation I’ve never rehearsed, and it was hard. And my child wanted to talk about yogurt because she’s cute and still so little). I’m home now, and very weak and sick. My husband is exhausted and afraid. My children are stressed. I don’t know why I’m telling you except that you have always helped me and I have just begun to process what has happened.

    Can we please ask for more food? My husband and children like everything but soup. I’m eating only soup. I like the vegetable soup and convince myself it’s helping to make me stronger.

    Can I ask you something? I know my husband wouldn’t qualify for help, but if I die can you at least keep him and my children fed for a couple of weeks? He’ll need support and we don’t have anyone and I’d like to be able to tell him to email you.

    There is always hope, so please send good vibes / energy / thoughts my way. Maybe this is the hard part we’ll look back on when things are better. Thanks for listening. I hope it wasn’t too much. Be well.”
    Those are just a few of Sarah’s emails to our team over the past couple of months.  

    At Made by Momma, we know that in times of crisis we can change the life of a family simply through wholesome nourishment and nurturing care. We believe that our services are vital to providing aid to the socially, physically, emotionally and/or financially distressed families in our community. 

    Made by Momma is able to provide the assistance and support needed to maintain a family’s physical and emotional health during difficult life situations. The families we assist have one thing in common; they are dealing with challenges and facing times of adversity. Some are dealing with illness, some are grieving the loss of a child or spouse, some struggle with post-partum depression, some are struggling to adjust to the demands of newborn twins or triplets, and some have lost their means of income. Whatever the reason, these families need to gather their strength to overcome the hurdles they face, and when faced with a crisis, families often do not have the means to plan and prepare healthy meals.  Made by Momma believes wholesome nutrition is vital, especially during life’s more challenging phases.

    • “Since losing my husband, a month after giving birth to our youngest daughter, I’ve been faced with a very difficult road. We built our life on what I thought was a solid foundation, only to have that foundation crack and crumble. Raising three young girls alone, as a new widow has been very difficult – emotionally, physically and financially.  THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness, your generosity and support during this difficult time – Thank you for going above and beyond, truly. It means so much to me. I am so grateful and this will always be appreciated, more than words could ever express. Everyone at Made by Momma your work does not go unnoticed. Dedicating long hard hours to support and provide for us women daily is outstanding. You are some pretty amazing people. You really do deserve so much credit and love. Without all of you, this program wouldn’t exist. Women, like me, would not get the support we need. So thank you to everyone there. One day, I  hope, I will be able to pay it forward, just like you have done for us. Thank you.” ~ Made by Momma Client

    Every day our amazing volunteers come together in a variety of ways to support the needs of families in our community.The numbers of families we are helping increases every year.

    • 2016:  1072 Families Helped (5213 people; 2306 Adults & 2907 Children) & 1681 Care Packages Delivered
    • 2015:   735 Families Helped  (3394 people; 1511 Adults & 1883 Children) & 1031 Care Packages Delivered 
    • 2014:   430 Families Helped  (1398 people; 611 Adults & 787 Children) & 645 Care Packages Delivered

    Our Resource Centre is the central hub for most of our activities. We have a commercial kitchen where volunteers prepare healthy homemade meals (just like mom used to make!) and yummy snacks to fill a family’s freezer when prepared meals are needed. In 2016 our volunteers prepared 7539 containers of meals, 2759 packages of baked treats adding up to 41,549 servings! Add in our fresh bread & buns and our non-perishable hamper food, that number reaches 83,396 servings just in 2016! That’s 228 healthy food servings delivered to families in need every single day last year! In addition to our meals program, we provide families other essential items like baby care, personal hygiene, clothing and household items. In 2016 that totaled 34,294 items, plus 70,320 baby diapers and 81,223 baby wipes … for a whopping total of 185,837 essential (non-food) items delivered to local families!

    • “We picked up three bags of lovingly prepared meals for our family this evening.  I am absolutely overcome with thanks and emotion at what everyone at your organization has provided my family, as my wife recovers from her surgery.  I wish to extend my thanks, for these wonderful meals, baked goods, and everything contained.  You have truly given me and my family more than I could ever ask for, at a time we needed it most.  The world needs more people like you.”  ~ Family accessing our program

    Each one of our programs is delivered by a fabulous volunteer, lead by our volunteer board of directors. Our Volunteer Resource Centre is in West Hillhurst NW, but our services reach every quadrant of the city including surrounding areas such as Airdrie, Strathmore, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River.

    Helping mothers and young children in times of crisis or adversity is what Made by Momma is all about. Being a mother to infants and young children can be stressful and exhausting. Add post-partum depression, physical illness, multiple births, or a family tragedy into the equation and the result can be devastating. Our clients tell us the wholesome meals, kind words and helping hands our volunteers provide make a huge difference in their lives.

    We felt a strong need to “pay it forward” and Made by Momma was conceived. A warm batch of muffins, a hot meal, a box of baby clothing or a visit from a new friend may not change the world…or could it?

    Made by Momma began as a small group of women with big ideas to help make the lives of struggling moms in our community a little bit easier with some practical peer-to-peer support. Those big ideas have now grown into a large network of over 500 volunteers. Our services are geared towards families with young children affected by short-term or life-changing illness or injury by providing healthy meals, wholesome baked goods, baby essentials, supportive in-home visitors and other services to allow mothers the time they need to rest, recover and focus on their families and their health. Our volunteer network of caring, compassionate supporters work together to provide practical peer-to-peer support with the following programs and services:

    • Prepared Meals Support / Food Bank Services (prepared meals/baking, food hampers)
    • NICU / Pediatric Unit Meals Program
    • Baby Essentials Program
    • In-home Family Support
    • The Happy Birthday Project
    • Children / Maternity Clothing Bank
    • Children’s Book & Toy Bank
    • Adopt-a-Momma for Christmas Program
    • Santa’s Workshop

    Made by Momma is a grassroots non-profit organization and registered Canadian charity located in Calgary. Because we are 100% volunteer-run organization, our operating costs are kept low, and the effectiveness of donated dollars/items very high.

    There are truly one thousand ways you can make a difference at Made by Momma! As an entirely volunteer-run organization, everything we do is done by a volunteer! Financial & In-Kind donations go directly to our programs and clients!

    Here we GROW again!
    We are embarking on our #1MoreStory capital campaign to expand our resource centre. This large renovation project is urgently needed to help us meet the ever-growing demand for our programs!
    Did you know that the need for our services has increased 200% over the past two years? Space is definitely at a premium at our Resource Centre! We are currently leasing TWO spaces (2100 sq feet & 1380 sq feet) to run our programs, plus we have a donated storage unit, a discounted storage unit, 2 sea-cans, a shed and we keep our board members basements full….. It’s truly time to consolidate our spaces to make running our charity more efficient.  We know we cannot do this alone – we need the support of our community to make this happen! Please stay tuned as we formally launch our capital campaign to make this necessity a reality!

    Financial Donations; 

    We raise 100% of the financial resources needed to operate our programs. We rely on the generosity of individuals, families and corporations that care about our community to help us fund our programs and support the many families who access our services. We do not receive Government nor United Way funding to run our programs. Are you interested in making a financial donation? Please visit our website for easy ways to donate!

    In-Kind Donations;

    We accept new and gently used in-kind donations including: baby, kids & maternity clothing, baby gear, toys, books and more. We also accept baby formula and baby food (unopened, not expired), diapers and baby wipes! See our weekly wish list for our urgent needs! #MBMWishList

    Volunteer Your Time;

    Everything we do is done by a fabulous volunteer; cooking, baking, sorting donations, delivering care packages, data entry, home visitors, planning and marketing fundraising events – everything! Interesting in investing your time? check-in here

    Support One of Our Annual Events;

    We know it takes a village to raise a child – just like we know it takes a village to run our charity. Thank you for considering being a part of our village! 


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