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We collect donations of children’s clothes and toys, as well as baby items from families in the community who generously donate to our program. We clean everything and then redistribute them to families in need in the Chestermere area. We also distribute Christmas hampers, and in the future we plan on having birthday packages for children. We are in the process of planning for a rural family resource center.
We impacted over 300 children last year by providing clothes and toys, hereby reducing the parents stress levels.May’s Toybank receives referral from clients as well as Chestermere community services. We ask a lot of questions regarding what the children’s need are, as well as we do a income verification. We collect items we feel would be a fit for the child(ren) and then we wash everything and drop off to the families home.
We collect donations from community members and clean everything.
For Christmas hampers last year, all of our families were referred by the Chestermere community services.
We would like to start a birthday program – a package that would include either a gift certificate for a birthday cake or a cake mix. A birthday present for the child. Decorations for the birthday.
We are in the process of planning for a rural family resource center.We are a grassroots charity trying to make a difference in a very supportive community. We are located outside Chestermere, where there are no other programs that families can access for this kind of help. Our current funding priorites is to continue to serve the Chestermere, Langdon and Strathmore areas.
We are fundraising to raise about $15000 to be able to open a rural family resource center, where families can come and access May’s Toybank, as well as have access to computers and information and referrals to other resources.
The goal of our program is that families can come in shop for the items that they need for their children with dignity free of charge.

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