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  • homelessness
  • women

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McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association is a multi-regional social service agency across Alberta, where each region functions independently. McMan Calgary & Area has been providing services for 40 years and impacts the lives of almost 3000 vulnerable individuals annually.

We support children, youth and families with complex needs that can include mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, poverty, and disability by providing them with the services and supports they need to thrive. As a fundamental practice across all McMan’s services, we work with individuals to help them maintain and grow relationships that can extend beyond our professional support- life-long connections that can help people sustain, and build on, their strengths and new skills.

Although the past year has brought about unprecedented amounts of change, we are confidently fulfilling our core purpose of building stronger relationships, families and communities, as evidenced from the following:

99% of individuals reported that McMan had helped them strengthen their connection to friends, family and community
97% of youth reported that they had better relationships with their family
645 children or youth stayed with or returned to their families after services
With support from the community over the past year, we have strengthened our suite of mental health services which allows us to respond to the increasing complexities faced by the youth, adults and families we serve.


We know that the pandemic will have long lasting effects on the mental health and wellness for youth and the other vulnerable populations. Waitlists for counselling are growing, and the demand for accessible services is increasing at an alarming rate. With these growing pressures McMan is committed to continue to meet the needs of those we serve and the community. Support from donors like you will make this possible. Any donation, big or small, helps ensure accessible life changing support for our community. Thank you for supporting McMan Calgary & Area. Together, we are transforming lives.

Donate to one of McMan’s three key areas of need:

The Mental Health Program

In Alberta, 1 in 5 people experience a mental illness and over 10% of Albertans 15 years and older battle drug and alcohol dependency. The chances are you know someone who has or is currently facing mental illness or addiction. Our Mental Health Program provides in-house individual counselling, group counselling for youth and young adults, and staff consultations across program and services. In addition, we offer Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills Training Groups for teens and young adults in the community. To support our Mental Health Program click here.

Hope Homes

The Hope Homes program serves youth 15-24 years of age who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, through individualized supports and safe and stable housing.  Hope Homes’ youth work towards educational, employment, and personal goals they need to thrive.

Upon enrollment, each youth receives a starter kit comprised of essential items needed to move into a new home. The starter kits provide youth with the necessities for independent living and creates a sense of belonging with items they call their own.

All starter kits are funded through the generosity of supporters like you. 

Collaborative Outreach Preventing Exploitation (COPE)

In Canada 95% of trafficking victims are women and of those 24% are under 18 years of age.  McMan’s Collaborative Outreach Preventing Exploitation (COPE) Program works with youth, 12-24 years, who are at risk of sexual exploitation to increase their personal safety and reduce their risk of exploitation.

Youth served through COPE often face complex barriers including mental health struggles, addictions, and homelessness. The COPE Program provides support to 8-15 youth, and their families each year.  In the past year and a half, the number of referrals to the program has tripled! Donate now to help stop youth sexual exploitation.

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