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MPC Foundation is a grassroots, volunteer-based organization whose mandate is to celebrate aging as seniors have innumerable assets and wisdom to contribute to the enrichment of society. Our programs & services are geared towards empowering seniors to feel valued & relevant, and to lead happy, fulfilled lives. Our mission is to be catalysts for change in attitudes towards aging by advocating for senior wellness and increasing awareness of their valuable contributions to society.
As life expectancy for seniors continue to extend, the need to ensure the wellness of seniors has become increasingly important for society as a whole. For example, the Govt of Canada estimates that in the coming years, the aging population will spend life as a senior almost as long as the years spent in the workforce. Ensuring the overall well being of this population group is critical for the socio-economic well being of the country as a whole. Adults often face age, racial, gender and economic discrimination as they advance in their years. Barriers such as language, culture and accessibility also play a role in ostracizing this population group from being active participants. When combined, these factors increase the vulnerability of seniors towards loneliness, isolation and in some cases, abuse. Immigrant seniors who are regularly brought into the country to help with child-minding duties are particularly vulnerable and in almost all cases, they are completely dependent on their immediate family for information and resources that can empower them to lead healthy and independent lives.

MPC Foundation exists to:
■ Prevent / reduce social isolation
■ Provide opportunities for seniors to realize their potential
■ To create social hubs for seniors to have activities, interactions and build a sense of belonging.
We achieve that by:
– extensive relationship building with community-based organizations
– active use of community-based volunteers
– serving seniors right in the community
– involving seniors in program delivery
– innovation in program design & delivery

Our areas of greatest need lie in sustaining current programming for immigrant seniors and older adults, 6 days a week for 44 weeks in a year. As a relatively new registered charity, we need the support of the community to continue providing effective activities and engagement opportunities for seniors to stay connected to the community and lead fulfilling and independent lives. Currently, we serve over 200 seniors every week with 3 part-time staff, about 15 facilitators and 148 volunteers. The bulk of our budget is spent on direct senior services and one of these unique services comes from a group of active seniors who create care bags for other seniors in need. About 100 care bags are created 4 times a year by these seniors. Securing the contents for these care bags requires significant resources of time and money. In addition, during this pandemic, seniors came to the realization that having some basic level of digital competence has become a necessity. Our Tech Buddy program provides them with both group learning and one-on-one support to enhance their learning. Financial support for MPC Foundation will go towards supporting all of these programs and services necessary for seniors to acquire skills and information, in addition to meaningful engagement opportunities to enjoy independent living in the community.

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