National Zakat Foundation

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • homelessness
  • immigrant newcomers
  • women

we need help with:

  • domestic violence
  • employment
  • faith
  • food security
  • mental health

Nisa Homes (NH) is a non-profit charity that operates a network of transitional homes across Canada that provides a haven and support services to women and children experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, or who are seeking asylum. As a subsidiary program of the National Zakat Foundation, its mission is to support Muslim women in restarting their lives after experiencing trauma or homelessness—though it serves women and children of all cultural and religious denominations. The organization provides a safe home to heal and supports services to rebuild, explore and reconnect with cultural identity. The programs facilitate the clients’ journeys to achieve independence and self-sustainability.

Nisa Homes clients are assessed for their immediate and future needs and assisted in creating a safety and sustainability plan pertaining to housing, income, and health and wellness. They will also plan relevant casework and case management services to assist with a safe transition from the shelter system to independent living. Referrals to internal and external resources (skills-building workshops and programs, governmental services, professional development, etc.) are provided as needed or as requested by the client. Casework encompasses many areas of focus, and case management—though guided by the caseworkers—is driven by clients’ own motivations and determination to achieve the agreed-upon objectives. The most common areas clients request help with are detailed below along with the relevant data.

Nisa Homes currently operates eight homes across Canada located in Mississauga, Ottawa, Scarborough and Windsor, ON, Edmonton and Calgary, AB, Surrey, BC, and Montreal, QC. Since our launch in 2015, we have sheltered over 800 women and their children in restarting their lives and have assisted over 3370 women remotely who were unable to access our shelters. In 2021, we assisted 448 women and children across Canada with in-person services as well as remote, and in total, we received more than 3000 requests for help. Nisa Homes approach is holistic and outcomes-focused to ensure the clients build a sustainable, independent, and self-sufficient future.

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