Nonprofit Hollow Bone Healing Lodge

we serve these populations

  • immigrant newcomers
  • indigenous communities

we need help with:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • faith
  • heritage
  • mental health
  • physical health

Requesting $12000

non profit
indigenous led

Shé-kon, hello. On behalf of HollowBone Healing Lodge, we are putting forth a request to assist in funding the educational programming aspect of the organization. The main educational program we currently offer is “Cultivating Compassion.” this program consists of four modules pertaining to different aspects of Indigenous history to current Indigenous social standings, beginning with Pre-colonization to Colonization, followed by Pathways to Reconciliation and Decolonization possibilities. Cultivating Compassion was created 9 years ago and has been seen as a qualified source of Indigenous Cultural Awareness training from its beginnings. CC is endorsed by Several Elders from Treaty 7, Treaty 6 and non-numbered treaties in the nation. Part of our goal, of course, is the awareness of Intergenerational Traumas that the Indigenous Peoples have been subjected to for centuries and the social injustices as a result of these actions. We also encourage bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through the teachings shared throughout the program. We see that we as an entire social construct have to begin to make steps together for the betterment of future generations to live in a more advanced and culturally accepting social environment. How do we move forward together?
The monies requested are to allow us to rent space, provide food, and provide Honorariums to 2 Elders to be present throughout the program as a source of experience and knowledge of what is being shared. As well as to provide coverage for the facilitator presenting the teachings, promotion/marketing of events and admin costs. This way we can share with the community and engage in these teachings at no cost as the more we can share with the more the teachings can grow. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to email all inquiries to [email protected]. Thank you for your time.
Nya-wen, Skana,
Wade Maude

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