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The OBC program offers participants an inclusive and supportive setting. The experience removes them from their everyday environment and immerses them in a challenging and exciting outdoor adventure where they draw on their strengths and work as part of a team to strive for success.

The objectives of the program are to: 1) expose participants to empowering, self-propelled outdoor learning experiences and 2) increase participant resilience, leadership, compassion and connection to self, others and nature (all of which are measured through post-course evaluations).

Together, the cultivation of these skills and attributes develop and nurture life-enhancing qualities that contribute to  wellbeing so that participants are better prepared to achieve their full potential.

By implementing innovative and bold solutions, we not only increase the success rate of participants, but we also build capacity for long-term sustainable societal change by building our future leaders, youth and adult alike.To ensure that those who stand to benefit the most from an Outward Bound experience, have the opportunity to do so, we offer the following specialized, funded programs for vulnerable and underserved populations:

Underserved Youth – OBC has a long history of working with vulnerable and undeserved youth to help them stay in school and turn away from self-destructive behaviours. Our carefully orchestrated wilderness expeditions and urban programs take young people out of their comfort zone into situations that awaken self-discovery, self-reliance and a connection with others.

Indigenous Youth – For over 25 years, OBC has partnered with Indigenous communities across Canada to co-create dynamic expeditions in the Canadian wilderness to help Indigenous youth reconnect with their culture and discover their personal and leadership capacity. We also offer innovative community-based and urban programs for Indigenous youth, focused on both cultural reconnection and high school retention.

Women Survivors of Violence and Abuse – These courses offer women survivors of violence and/or abuse the opportunity to experience adventure in the Canadian wilderness with other women who share a common history. By providing the appropriate challenges and supports within a restorative natural setting, this unique program helps women to transition from a position of survival to a place of thriving.

Military Veterans – Many military men and women struggle with lingering physical and mental impacts of their experiences. OBC’s week-long wilderness expeditions for veterans are life-affirming experiences, specially designed to help soldiers face their challenges with renewed confidence.

Our programs provide participants with the appropriate challenges and supports to increase their capacity to transition from a place of crisis to a position of strength.Outward Bound Canada strives to expand access to our programs through the generosity of our donors. Funding ensures that those who stand to benefit most from an Outward Bound experience have the opportunity to do so. If you are interested in supporting our charitable programs, you can learn more by clicking here and can donate by clicking here.

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