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“Let me tell you a little bit about our Lucy. Lucy was a happy, go lucky, lazy baby. I was so thankful for a baby with her temperament after our first daughter who had the energy and speed of a Tasmanian devil!

Lucy was late hitting her developmental milestones, but I didn’t worry very much because as we all know, children develop differently. However, one evening after bath time when she was about 20-months old, I realized that Lucy had absolutely no idea what I was saying to her. I asked her if she wanted milk or a banana for snack. She just smiled.

I don’t know why it was that moment, but I suddenly realized we were in trouble.

Lucy’s dad and sister were playing a board game just a few feet away. I asked Lucy, where’s daddy? Where’s Kate? Lucy smiled… no pointing. My heart sunk.

I dared to ask… Where’s mummy? Only a smile back.”

First words, first steps or a first hug – these milestones are so important and are cherished memories for many families. Unfortunately, these milestones don’t always come. Pacekids is there for children like Lucy and their families to navigate the often-overwhelming news of a diagnosis and to provide critical early intervention and education programs for children with special needs.

Lucy received speech language enhancement services and graduated from Pacekids’ ECS program in 2010. Today, Lucy is 13-years old and loves drumming, volunteering in her community and recently represented her school at the Calgary Climate Summit.

Lucy is thriving.

Pacekids Programs exists to help change the lives of the incredible children and families Pacekids works with.

Founded in 1994 , Pacekids Programs started out as a pilot program serving only six children and has continued to expand to now serving over 400 children and families each year. Pacekids is a dynamic, active environment, specializing in family-centred, therapeutic, play based learning objectives that nurture each child’s unique developmental and physical needs through a variety of programs.

To best serve the children in our programs, Pacekids has built a team of dedicated experts comprised of Early Childhood Educators, Preschool Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Behavioural Strategists, Psychologists, Program Supervisors, Child Development Assistants, Family Development Coaches and a devoted support team.

Early intervention is the mandate for Pacekids Programs. Pacekids’ programming is free of charge therefore dissolving socio-economic barriers for the families needing support. Putting inclusion and independence for children of all abilities at the fore-front ensures children the best possibilities for success in education, socialization, self-care and all aspects of their day-to-day lives.

PACEKIDS PROGRAMS offers expert programming for children with special needs from infancy through school-age.

Developmental/Behavioural Aide services at Pacekids is funded through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). In this program, a child’s team provides specifically designed goals & strategies to parents through a consultative model. Based on the needs of the family, programming options may involve an Aide, Therapist or Generalist.

Pacekids offers a five-day Early Childhood Services (ECS) Preschool & Kindergarten program, funded through Program Unit Funding (PUF) from Alberta Education, in north & south Calgary. Our teacher-led ECS Program offers multidisciplinary programming for children with needs in multiple areas of development, as well as programming that focuses on speech & language enhancement.

Infant & Family Support is a FSCD funded program. In-home programming and weekly group sessions introduce skills & strategies that will assist parents and caregivers of young children with special needs that will during their early growth & development.

Specialized Services is a FSCD funded program that offers a multidisciplinary team of expert therapists to teach parents & caregivers of children with disabilities the skills & strategies to assist their children with tasks of everyday life.

Offered through FSCD, Stepping Stones Triple P program aims to teach parents how to use positive parenting strategies to develop a positive relationship with their child, encourage appropriate behaviour, teach their child new skills, manage misbehaviour & implement planned activities & routines for high-risk parenting situations.

Each year, Pacekids must fundraise an average of $1,000 per child served above and beyond government funding. We are committed to filling this funding gap to ensure that every child and family has access to the best programs, therapies and services possible; to ensure every child can thrive.

There are many ways to make a difference.

From funding an individual child to providing the means to offer in school programming or music therapy session, your investment will go a long way in supporting Calgary children with special needs.

Every child deserves to thrive, and with your support, they can.

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