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  • Environmental Sustainability

The Pembina Institute provides research, analysis and recommendations to inform policies and practices related to responsible energy use. We advocate for approaches that protect our natural systems and communities.

We convene important conversations with thought leaders from industry, government, communities, First Nations and the environmental sector to identify common ground, and move solutions forward, including at events like the annual Alberta Climate Summit, and the bi-annual Renewables in Remote Communities Conference.

From informational factsheets, blogs and reports, to community workshops and public presentations, we offer credible and practical perspectives on the role of energy in our society, ground Canada’s energy conversation in the facts, and  challenge conventional thinking with innovative solutions.We work on a broad range of issues, focus areas and projects. Our priorities include: strong climate policies, energy efficiency, low-carbon electricity and renewable energy, energy for remote and Indigenous communities, innovative technology and transportation solutions, air quality and industrial emissions abatement, oil and gas regulations and responsible development, and the impact of energy development on wildlife.

This covers quite a bit, but it’s not always as technical as it appears. Our New Energy Economy project ( showcases the variety of low carbon projects that contribute to the growth of Alberta’s economy by creating jobs and investment opportunities, and tells the stories behind the projects.

As partners on the Alberta Narratives Project ( we helped drive one of the largest public engagement research efforts, to uncover language and narratives that reflect the values and identities of Albertans, and find ways of talking about our energy-climate future that build bridges to better community conversation.

Our recently launched Business Renewables Centre Canada is a modern marketplace where corporations and institutions can learn how to buy renewable energy directly from developers, aiming to generate awareness in the industry, build a strong community and provide effective tools and resources.The Pembina Institute collaborates with a wide range of groups on projects, events, publications and other initiatives. If you see overlap in your work and ours (, feel free to contact one of our analysts or directors directly to discuss ways to partner.

If you are interested in inviting Pembina staff for presentations or discussion panels, please visit our page to learn more, or contact us directly.

The majority of our revenue is project-specific and comes from project grants. However, we do accept individual donations for specific projects or for general funding.

Please contact [email protected] to inquire further.

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