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PolicyWise received a small grant from Innoweave, an initiative of the JW McConnell Family Foundation. An Innoweave coach provided guidance and a valuable outsider’s perspective as we worked to identify and characterize our intended impact and Theory of Change.

Working with Innoweave ensured we took a more critical look at our organization, and prompted us to be much clearer in our concepts and the linkages we were making between strategic directions, inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact. Our leadership team drafted, tested and refined a set of outcome goals, impact statements, and a Theory of Change that was then “pressure tested”. This process refined our thinking through research and working group conversations. Hearing from our staff and beneficiaries, applying evidence and lessons learned from others provided depth, clarity and engagement in the development of our Theory of Change and intended impact.

A Theory of Change and intended impact work together as an iterative process, informed by PolicyWise’ values, missions and the ongoing learning through measuring impact.  Together they explain how PolicyWise’ intended impact will happen, and help to inform and align resources and core business strategies to achieve the intended result. Learn more about our impact and Theory of Change model on our website.

PolicyWise currently manages and shares research, community service, and administrative data, which increases the value of data by bringing stakeholders together to use it in new ways.

Over the past decade, we have designed, implemented, and managed numerous evaluations; each being unique in subject matter, methodology, scope, and scale. We have led formative, summative, and process evaluations as well as innovative system level, developmental, and early impact evaluations. Through these projects we seek to understand the interactions, contributions, and impacts at individual, organizational, and systems, and policy levels. Our experience has shaped our evaluation and project quality assurance approaches.

To learn more about our projects and initiatives, visit our website.

PolicyWise supports all communities in Alberta. We could not do this important work without the support of our donors.

Your support helps improve lives right here in your community. Your donation will help us fund community-wide programs, promoting long-term planning initiatives, and mobilizing evidence for the well-being of children, youth, and families across Alberta.

If you would like to make a donation to PolicyWise, please contact us at [email protected].

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