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BREAK BARRIERS. EMPLOY CHANGE. We are a not-for-profit employment agency that helps people facing barriers to employment overcome their obstacles and find good jobs. We also work with employers to help them tap talent pools they may not have known about.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Prospect helps people who face barriers to employment.

A job is a key part of a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, too many people face barriers to employment.

Prospect works with everyone from recent immigrants to ill-and-injured military veterans to people with disabilities. We’re a not-for-profit organization, but our main motivation isn’t charity. We believe everyone who is ready, willing and able to work and wants a fulfilling job should have one. We’re driven to help people who face barriers to employment because society reaps the benefits for years to come.

Before we open doors, we open minds.

Educating employers is a key part of what we do. We help employers discover new pools of skilled workers in demographics they may not have considered. By raising awareness, providing training, and engaging organizations through consulting services, we help employers create their optimal workforces


Our Impact

What We Do

Prospect helps people who face barriers to employment. Our clients include everyone from people with disabilities to recent immigrants to ill-and-injured military personnel who need help to transition to a civilian career. Prospect is a not-for-profit organization, but our motivation isn’t charity. Far from it.

We believe everyone who wants a fulfilling job should have one. We’re driven to help people who face barriers because society – all of us – reaps the benefits for years to come. Before we open doors, we open minds. Educating employers is a key part of what we do, because the best preparation for a job is of no value if the doors are closed. That’s why we conduct employer seminars and workshops on how to build inclusivity into corporate cultures.

Most employers quickly discover that by removing barriers in their recruitment process they gain access to a deeper pool of talented, dedicated and loyal employees. Employers also learn that hiring the populations we serve bolsters their image as progressive, diverse, inclusive workplaces. The business case is compelling: it is a win-win.


The prestigious Alberta Business Awards of Distinction were held on the evening of February 27th, at the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel. The awards are hosted by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and have been coveted by Alberta organizations in all sectors since 1992.Prospect was a finalist in two categories. A client we nominated was also a finalist.

  • Prospect was the winner in the category of Diversity Leadership Award of Distinction.
  • The client we nominated, BMO Financial Group, was also a winner, taking home the honours in the category of Employer of Persons with Disabilities.

The Diversity Leadership honour is “Awarded to an organization that embraces diversity in their workforce, encourages respect and inclusion, eliminates discrimination and barriers, and is helping to create welcoming and inclusive workplaces and communities.”


Our Programs

How We Do It

Assessment  | Through Prospect’s Calgary Assessment Centre, our professionals provide individuals with skill evaluations, work search resources, and strategies. Individual service plans are developed that match client needs and employment goals with the programming offered through Alberta Human Services.

In Airdrie and Cochrane, Prospect operates employment centres where job seekers can access job search resources. Access to employment counselors helps ensure the right job match.

Skill development/Job placement |

  • Career Links provides fast-track employment placement supports for people who are having a hard time finding a job as a result of mental health illness or issues, including those who may have concurrent substance abuse disorders.
  • Prospect PDD services support adults with developmental disabilities, enhancing their quality of life through increased workforce participation.
  • GenA is an employment program for Albertans aged 18-30 who need assistance finding and getting a good job.
  • The Worx is an employment centre designed for people with disabilities, providing access to job search tools and support services.
  • [email protected] is geared to members of the Canadian Forces, particularly the ill and injured, who wish to transition from the military to a civilian workplace. We consulted with veterans and serving members of the military to ensure what we offer is relevant and effective. The program is made up of assessment, placement, and support services.
  • ArtRecruits is an experiential learning opportunity for people with mental health challenges. The program helps develop essential employment skills through the medium of art, including time management, communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, planning and the ability to work independently.

Employer capacity

  • Viable provides employers with knowledge and strategies to increase their engagement of employees with disabilities. By providing links to job placement agencies and persons with disabilities, Viable helps companies expand their diversity profile to include persons with disabilities.
  • BaseToBusiness helps employers attract, recruit and retain good candidates coming out of the Canadian Armed Forces. BTB workforce consultants show employers how to interpret military skillsets, hire good people, and offer support as they make the cultural adjustments.
  • Studio C is a ground-breaking community engagement program that allows artists with and without disabilities to collaborate, find inspiration and immerse themselves in Calgary’s art community. We offer workshops to organizations, such as Team Building Painting – a fast-paced, fun workshop that stimulates the creative process and facilitates working toward a common goal.

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What You Can Do

Prospect achieves impressive results in all the sectors where it has programming.

For example, our [email protected] program has job placement rates over 90% and satisfaction rates in the high nineties. If you’d like to learn more about this, contact [email protected]

Potential donors can contact our Director of Finance, Rose Iavasile, at [email protected]



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